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Week 1

ocean during sunset


Last year was hard for everyone with lockdowns alone taking effect on our mental health, I know I particularly struggled. I have learning difficulties and my struggles with mental health made me feel inadequate like I wasn’t good enough to be a student let alone create, I nearly left university due to this. However, I’m here now persevering and it is important for me to reflect on my experience last year as it’s my journey both as an individual and creatively.

Looking back at the work I produced last year I can see that I am versatile using face paint to document my emotions in the “nature of me” project first semester and digital drawings of mythical creatures for my short story in “mythical tales” (semester two). What these pieces both had in common was how I displayed them through video, this is because our work had to be adapted to fit an online show due to the pandemic. Another element that had stayed constant in my work was my ability to tell a story, whether literally or behind a deeper meaning, i think this is something i will continue this semester.

My goals for this semester is to create something more physical that an audience can interact with, something ambitious that can grow and develop through the term.

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