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Right. Herr we go. Inter Disc 5, Week 1. Actually it’s not Week 1, I’m writing this in Reading Week/Week 6, cause my mental chaos has kept me from doing it, as well as having technophobia towards WordPress. And it’s already got me annoyed because I can’t make the Week 1 Heading.

And it’s not really Inter Disc 5 either, because I’ve gone part-time, and I’m not actually doing Interdisciplinary Practise in either semesters this year, at least not officially. With everything that happened, I wanted more time. So I’m doing half of my third year this year and the other half next year, but I still wanna join Inter Disc for the hell of it, and to work on some project.


So no Winter Show, that’s a shame. The Winter Show made me feel so invigorated and so full of life, so part of something, both in person in 2019 and online in 2020.

Here are my notes from the session, with me coming up with an idea already:

“Im gonna do as I always do, make all the art through the view of the journey. Everything gonna do is about journey, and I’ll use it to do some self-reflection, which is what I feel I need to do in this extra time I’ve taken. To build something. And by going part time I have a journey in mind:

Very mathematical, here it is:


Singing Lessons

Piano Lessons

Practice Guitar

Learn More Dance & Movement 

Work on Superspreaders 

Experimental Media Production: 

  • Semester 1: The Rain Film
  • Semester 2: Sweat & Showers? Photo Film? 

Ensemble Performance 

Apply For NYT with King Lear Monologue 

Maybe Use That As Photography Project in Sem 2

Organise Creative Arts Society Events 

Develop Filmmaking Society

Start working on concept for Kelsey 

Documentary about International 

Too much already? Journey is too convoluted? 

Simon Starling, failure, Long word starting with A

Keep revisiting the handbook

15 hours per week (let’s see if we can do some adapting around that number, as long as it’s got 2 digits, or got the number 1 or 5 in it)

What’s a bibliography? 

Student Research Presentations

Project Proposal Form 

Tips on maintaining online notebook – how do you master WordPress? 

No Winter Show, rip

No Winter Show and No Father In Berlin This December, No Winter Show and No Father Ever Again 


Is it travel, journey, 

Journey for myself 

I really wanna make music 

I really want to learn the piano

I really want to learn to dance, and move, and do more physical theatre 

The journey of learning to play, to move and to sing 

The concept of having a performance in the Piano Room. But mention that Piano, comment on do we have this Nazi Piano in the SoA. Do a little performance, in January maybe, with the band (but singing is Problematic with Aerosols, could have my singing lessons as video installations) 

So it’s about my journey, “Find out who you are” 

“It’s all about the journey” – Dave Burrowes, Media Teacher at St Georges International School

And the music is about my journey during the pandemic, all of our journeys. 

Please tell me the theme still Journey 




Physical, Psychological, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, 6xth one

Heroic or Modest Journey

… and now I can feel it starting again. My Creativity spiralling all over the place, leading me in so many directions and so many different ideas, that in the end it’s like an avalanche and buries me underneath and suffocates me so I fail my assignments and haven’t done a proper academic or professional artistic practice. Bit of quoting from BMTH there. 

Even thinking about this makes me wanna scream out loud in this seminar right now. 

Distance and Time of Journey

My journey is not working, I’m not finding the right way, my journey on the piano, my body and vocal chords is going to slow and is not exciting enough. 




Read a book about movement (could make the film about Laban, but feel I’m not quite ready) 

Read a book about playing piano 

Need to write to my new singing teacher about her boyfriend teaching piano


I would like to be like 


Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope

Grizedale Dale Arts, Cumbria 

Forester to Rally Driver

Claire Bishop, play with people and then leave 

Learning the craft

Not just 

Journey of starting the craft, having the body of work

To be able to say at the end of it: “I can make songs, and I can move”

I’ve written songs 

Tim Beckham 


Create your own programme certification. 

Grade 3 – Guitar 

Find someone like Simon Cowel, judge 

Tim Beckham can judge me, he is going to decide whether you have become a musician. 

Other musicians 

There has to be a jury, more than just Tim.

Had an idea for a documentary 

Absolutely fantastic if I failed 

Simon Starling – Fuels the boat by cutting it up 

Strictly Come Dancing – Richard 

Train on

Body Health


I haven’t learned to paint

Covid killed my cooking 

There’s always more 

Need frames and edges, have to delineate

You have to differentiate Life and Art?

Guy cycled the art, 


The journey and the endpoint don’t matter, the art bit is the documentation  and make it funky and creative



I didn’t get cast in the Nomads Play, I thought everyone was going to get a role. It really made me doubt myself as an actor, thinking I’m a fraud. I hate myself for feeling so sensitive to this rejection. I don’t see myself as mainly an actor or on some sort of actors journey, but I thought it was something I had in the bag. 

Rejection is part of the actor’s journey. Someone said that. Or something like that.

It made me think of my journey, constantly frustrated and stagnated. It also made me sad about Midsummer Nights Dream, as I was in a school performance of it 12 years ago and I have definitely developed as an actor since then, I’ve been on a journey there. 

I met Effy, I drew a drawing into their notebook, it kind of was that feeling of frustrated journey I was trying to capture, but doing it in this context of a new artist 

I went dancing at Ceilidh afterwards, which was nice. 

There’s a link to the the theme of Time here that got aborted in Semester 2 2020.


I can feel myself be like Kelsey

Have a live performance with the guitar, show the journey of getting to learn this instrument. I’m discovering it like I did with the Coke Can. 

  • interruption: hungry. I don’t want to make a big drama about being hungry when there are people starving in the world and I have more than enough money (but again I am thinking in stereotypes of those people), but I do have problems with eating sometimes, not having breakfast, not showering, not doing the exercise I want to do. My ideal idea of the journey keeps being interrupted and disrupted so much. As you can see also by distractions and side thoughts. 

Anyway, i wanna write these deeply personal story about the connection between humans and instruments, specifically this guitar. I had a moment with my guitar. 

I tuned my guitar

Guitar Chords Practise 

Meine Gitarre:

My history of theatre, I feel like I’ve been rejected. I know it’s not personal. But yeah, I gotta move on and do my stuff. And there will be other plays. 

And honestly, move over Shakespeare. I wanna do rock ‘n roll. 

How you can play a guitar wrong:

Strim the different lines 

Bumping on the wood

Bumping on the strings 

Playing a string while winding the tunes

Blow into the whole 

Shout into the whole 

If I were to piss into this guitar, would that be art? 

I feel like pissing into this guitar (make people think you’re gonna do that, shock factor, but don’t) 

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