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Week 1

To start with, last year was unexpected. Full of hurdles. there were shocks surprises and unforgettable memories – good and bad. From going through a pandemic and pushing ourselves every single day of lockdown and keeping ourselves healthy physically and mentally we made it.

It was definitely a challenging year be it personal life or professional.


From struggling every day to motivate myself to produce work with no ideas and beating myself on everything on every step I went to performing live in the creative arts exhibition. Getting through my fears being supported and pushed by people around me.  

Recap last semester

To start with, it definitely was a tough semester to go through – But with all the support I got I got through it – Conducted a successful workshop with my peer to showcase the emotions of animals in captivity, making them feel what animals go through how they feel and making the audience also subtly realise how trapped yet open and privileged we are during isolation. The activity was a mixture of drama and drawing with voiceovers and meditations – certain voiceovers were unpleasant sounds one would hear in a zoo such as yelling banging tapping on glass something been thrown at and later drawing and putting your emotions through an illustration or writing of how you felt to share and express to share and understand the pain.

My personal project developed into a self-reflection charcoal piece drawn with the movement of my emotions and my memories with a drawing of a lion to the topic of animal as the animal, lion is something I can associate myself and my emotions with also how I’ve dealt with it my project was called – The Roaring Lion

What a journey.

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