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So, the start of my final semester of Creative Arts. The eighth and final time I commit myself to the treats, trials and tribulations of Interdisciplinary Practice. The time when I post dozens of pages of a project I’ve been mentally working away at for years, from which I’ll probably only use 1-5% in the end if that at all…

….Just kidding. This time I won’t post all that. Instead, below are links to the Google Docs with my planned project I’ve been writing stuff for: “The Mouth of the Yystwyth” (Last year a student newspaper formed with that name, but I came up with the name at least a year before that, I claim it haha!”

The Topic of my final semester is TIME. Last time (haha) we did this topic, we were interrupted by a global pandemic. Will there be anything else equally disruptive this TIME?

And I’ll also try something I’ve seen other people do, a podcast/audio recording summarising all my ideas so far, and the plans moving forward.

(if you wish you can also add comments on the google docs when you add them

– lots of song and scene ideas
listing to all the different collaborations

welsh mythological creatures wake up.
they can sense the environmental disasters coming, but even more so they can taste all the anxiety, all the mental health suffering of all the students.
in the library students are drowning and publicly executing themselves with coffee, pouring it all over, as the 12pm deadline is so far but also gets to close.
and then they run about amuck. and do weird in all languages movement (Mike Pearson) on the steps and across the library.

THE MOUTH 2 – Happiness & Lethargy In The Welsh California:
also have Aberystwyth as a corporate future, megacity, Student satisfaction oversaturation

THE MOUTH 3 – Night:
a night out in aberystwyth. all the hedonism and chaos too.

In June 2021, when i was feeling hopeless and trapped, and cut off from things, even at an extinction rebellion.
Maybe I could perform it with the instrumental track of Lust.

THE MOUTH -In The Workhouse:
This is a music video/film idea, film something in the Workstation.

THE MOUTH – The Long Poem:
a poem I still want to add more and more to, with no music. this is just the words. inspired by stormzy’s long spit track. could be the climax, the final piece, my statement and reflection of student life, and my 4 years in aberystwyth, how i still don’t trust the system.

As always I write so many small fragments, can’t remember what this is, can’t be asked to check as I write this while I’m procastinating doing something else. It’s about slaughter right? (go and find out 😉 )
(I actually did go back to understand it, but I don’t understand my own ideas or lyrics… I know I’m talking about my father being against me following the arts outside mainstream German school education)

A song I’ve written with my band, just named ourselves Kalopsia, about everyone just chillaxing in Aberystwyth, there’s more, here’s the lyrics, co-written with Joana, music originally composed in an improvised jamming:



In The Mouth Of Fun

Sun Is Shining On Us

And The Day Is Young

We’re plenty plenty happy

Plenty cheery all the way

So join us and come

And celebrate the day


In The Mouth Of Fun

We All Dive, Die & Drown Alive

We Go Swim Hard 

In Our Fishbowls

Relaxation follows 

And swallows you whole 


In The Mouth Of Fun

You Can Stay Up 

Till The Dawn of Kill

And then just go to sleep 

And time travel

Like my friend myles

Does in cawt maur 



In the mouth of fun

We go go hard

There’s no no events

In the outside world

That’ll get us down

We all forget about the water

Forget about the wars

Forget about the

We celebrate & connect with them

But from afar in our palace

Academic language & phenomenology 

Is our screens, our culture & language

This is our bubble 

This is our sea

This is our swim

Our yellow, yellow, blue, purple, orange swim

This is our cage

This is our palace

This is our mouth

This is our mouth

This is our mouth

I wrote this collection of songs during the pandemic, hasn’t quite been completed, but will complete it as this distant memory of what was Covid. This was a reflection of the 24 Hour Art Exhibition that i wrote, as a procastination during my work for my Kelsey Performance for the January Show, I only wrote it a couple weeks ago.

Just excuse me please

As I ruin another puzzle piece

Or 17

For the present tense

Just turning back the page

On all our houses

When they stood most ambient

And the world was painting

For our lack gave it colours

Our hiding kissed it meaning 

What was that time

It didn’t matter

Webs growing on the broccoli

Dark thoughts boiling up

Didn’t get the same paintings

That others bought and wore

As common currency

So stupid of me


Paradise in PJs

Poetry So Pure

What Did We Do With A Life

Use The Space

Use The Time

Seize All Your Conquered Days

All Your Selfish Ways/Swim or Live In The Selfish Ways

Quite a book

Those pages own

What is that distant memory

Cast it out and kill it off

Hope it dies a horrible death

Hope you suck it up

And learn your lessons

Quick and clever 

Move on to horrors new

WILL ADD MORE IDEAS, SONGS & SCENES THAT I LABELLED “THE NEW MOUTH”. Now I need to actually do what I’ve been putting off.

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