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The Everyday week 1

The E v e r y D ay


Reflection to start with

Last year, last semester was extremely challenging for me mentally emotionally and physically.

How it ended?

Better and successfully – I am stronger now and more confident.

My project last year came out a developing process, came out of a place which had nothing but confusion anxiety anger, with time and help I was able to develop those emotions and create a project that helped me grow and helped me to create awareness by showcasing my work regarding mental health… being overwhelmed and saying that it is okay.

With this project I created a starting point of a structure from writing and expressing how I felt this allowed me to create and see a concrete image of my thoughts changed my perspective and made me aware the weight abstract thoughts hold over a body.

Thinking about everyday

To me every day is moving continuously.

The little things make my every day. A good cup of coffee, a call back home, spending time with my. friends, a warm hug. These are small things but they make my every day, I enjoy my normal boring day with the little things.

Class Time

We talked about our inspirations during summer vacations, for me it was a road trip I did with my family of whole of south India.. it was the most beautiful experience. Connecting with my roots, the food and my family was something I needed.

More experiences made me think about the little things in everyday life which make me and my days, have molded me to the person I am today


This week as a starter and just looking at new thing i looked at clouds and gained a sense of peace and happiness fro them, they are everywhere and when observed they tell a story.

1 thought on “The Everyday week 1”

  1. A good start Nidhi, I am looking forward to the next post, it felt like you had momentum yesterday, I think, hope you are connecting with the box, what would it be to write about the clouds in the boxes, clouds in boxes, thats a strange and unexpected combination, you can’t get a cloud in a box!

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