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It began with an idea, and then I decided I wanted to bring the idea to life as quickly as possible. This was the beginning of that.

I wanted to create the hearts out of clay for it to appear more fragile and textured. While doing this I realized that if I were to make the body out of clay, I would be wasting a lot of time and resources. After consideration I decided it would be better to create a mold for the clay to be sculpted around, meaning I don’t waste any of my supplies and I have a steady foundation for the beginning of my project.

Both moulds were created out of tin foil and are both slightly different in size so that I had a variation between objects.

the first step towards creating the density of my pieces

While I had begun my three-dimensional pieces. Miranda and I had a one-on-one individual tutorial session. Thus, consisted of us speaking about what plans I had for this semester, reading materials, follow ups from group work and workshops and the online notebook.

I felt the conversation at hand went very well and Mirandas ideas and comments helped me a lot in the development process as it allowed me to understand the need for abstract ideas and not always having a set structure on things, which is something I feel I do a lot and may need to begin working to combat that.

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