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creative arts interdisciplinary practice “journey”

Grace Harvey Howells

I had many random plans, ideas, and thoughts for this course, I felt the more ideas I had the more I would be able to branch out and explore different mediums and concepts. During the first week we were given an overall introduction to the module, as well as examples of previous work in order to open our minds up to all the possibilities and routes we can go down within this module.

The first thing I did once we were told the theme of this module would be “journey” was a small mind map type of page that consisted of all the ideas that came to mind when I thought of a journey, these included physical, metaphorical, and emotional concepts that all came together in one way or another. I began branching off and minimizing these ideas to create one overall plan of what I wanted to do with the theme.

Some of the ideas listed included a journey through the ages, growing from a child into an adult and developing a sense of maturity, and others consisted of metaphorical journeys such as religion or process.

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