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The takeover took place today and I found it to be an interesting experience in terms of how you think your project will be experienced before hand and how it actually is experienced in real time. The group critical’s we held together in class were very valuable in terms of how the audience received our projects and the flips-side as to how we personally as artists perceive our own work. The general feedback I received was positive – mostly from my peers which is also a lovely experience. The audience reactions I couldn’t really tell apart, on tours it mostly feels like they view the work then walk away. I had at least 3 guests comment to me about the installation which was definitely useful, for instance, how did you project the lights, the drawing detail and the music etc. One student actually approaches me and told me that he didn’t really understand it and that’s completely fine, it’s all subjective after all. I also love that Katy’s work was in the doorway, I believe our projects complimented each over well and was a good decision from staff/Miranda. At first the setting up of the installation was rushed as couldnt get access to a flatbed trolley quickly but I managed to setup just in time to start filming the start of the event.

As I was working during the event (documentation), I felt a bit of a disconnect between me and the TAKEOVER which was a shame but was also a valuable work experience too. But working has definitely effected my first experience of the takeover, I would have loved to of been on the front desk and serving drinks and meeting guests and working with my peers. Even though I was not active much in the takeover team, I still managed to cover my role well as the videographer alongside some photography cocerage. I couldn’t document my own project and the general attendance due to the lighting but managed to get some photos of the installation in it’s full setup (it was much darker in the room the photos show).

I was initially worried that I may not cover the whole event in terms of documentation (probably pre nerves/excitement) but on the 2nd tour I managed to cover every project on the tour.

Below are also some videos from my documentation, I am extremely pleased with the quality and sound. The investment in kit has shown and proven it’ll be valuable in the future. There is a lot more videos of students, projects audience, tour and overviews to come in an edit that I will produce over the next 1-2 weeks.

To view properly, choose 4k under video settings.

Katy’s Project
Weronika’s Project
Clocks (reception)

Screen grab from edit of Takeover Film:

I have organised interviews with Dee and Janos, will splice these in once they are recorded.

Below are nearly all of the photos in (unedited) that I took during the takeover as well as the filming. I thought I’d upload them so that everyone can view and take as they please, I love the sony alpha series of cameras, they seem to do well in all lighting scenarios:

Overall the TAKEOVER is definitely a valuable experience and would recommend any future I.P students to be part of the team and experience what it’s like to run an exhibition style event. I am glad I managed to experience one as I missed last year. It’s good to show your work in a professional environment. I am glad I took the plunge and attempted a semi big installation and managed to create it all myself as well as the drawings, it felt like an accomplishment and was nice to endeavour on a new journey that wasn’t film or photography compared to last year. The TAKEOVER is a must have in your portfolio from undertaking the Creative Arts degree and I want to thank Miranda, Rachel and the Arts centre as well as my peers for a successful event.

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