week 8

presentations related to the group workshop Notes from the presentations of others back to the individual project It seems like the journey of self-healing and… Read More »week 8

week eight

WORKSHOP: I felt far more comfortable and confident presenting to the class this week after presenting last week. I actually found it quite enjoyable, I… Read More »week eight

week 6

During reading week, I finally recovered from being ill so I decided to go to the forest for both my Creative Writing and Interdisciplinary Art… Read More »week 6

week 4

This week, Miranda introduced us to the first workshop called ‘Somewhere, something’. Something was given to us somewhere : a sweet potato and the Null… Read More »week 4

week 3

Again, I booked the project room this week. I went there Monday morning before the lecture. My intention was to allow myself to feel more… Read More »week 3

week 2

Déroutée is how I felt after this first lecture. I tried to find a word to express my feelings in English but this French word… Read More »week 2

week 1

Let’s begin with a reflection on the art I made last year… I have never been so satisfied with my work before, I can feel… Read More »week 1