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Summer development of my new project

This summer I decided to start developing the idea for my project before the semester started so that when I actually started I would be able to jumo straight to the production sooner. I had the clear idea that I wanted to do a documentary as I really enoyed it last semseter and want to give it another go and build on the skills I learned last year.

In terms of the topic “The Everyday” I’ve comed up with many ideas but the one that I’m more fixated on is looking at the everyday in terms of or eeryday decision to tell our truth and the stories that we choose everyday to tell ourselves and others. The idea that we are who we exteriorise and project and also wanting to tackle the idea that speaking our mind is an act of self-love as it’s putting yourself, your opinions and your feelings at the same importance than everyone elses insead of shutting them down under the shadows of others. There’s a quote from the american writer and activist June Jordan that has really striked me and that I feel is gonna impact my project deeply:

“To tell the truth is to become beautiful, to begin to love yourself. And that is political in the most profound way.”

Just as last semseter I want to make a documentary with a social purpuse and to involve others stories in it. I’ve been studing June Jordan and bought one of her poetry books to keep searching for inspiration.

This are some photographs of my summer idea development:

After comenting my ideas with a friend she heavily recommended me to watch the movie “Everythin Everywhere All at Once”

This is a complicated sience fiction movie but it basically represents a multiuniverse where every decicion that you take creates a new paralel universe where your life ends up being compleatly different. This movie really made me consider the topic of the “Everyday” in terms of the decision we take day by day and how we decide to life with this decisions. I found that it had a very powerfull message of the way we interpret the reality around us and the stories we tell ourselves. Making me consider the importance of our own narration and outlook of our truth.

Yesterday I also had my first tutorial with Miranda, which was the first step towards grounding my thoughts and start creating the project soon. Afterwards I filled a form to have a more clear idea of what I could take of the tutorial.

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  1. An excellent start Sofia, you are in a good position in week 1 having already brainstormed and researched in the weeks leading up to the start of the semester. The quote you have included in the post would make an excellent discussion point, an interesting point on which to build the documentary. You appear to be learning from previous feedback and so beginning the semester with a strong self of direction and intention. Perhaps you could put the pages from your notebook into a carousel or tiled gallery format? perhaps you could take the text from the tutorial notes word doc and embed them into the body of text in the post, both of these actions might make the page more readable and effective, an exciting start..Try to be attentive to spelling and grammar so the posts read smoothly.

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