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Semester 2 Week 1

This semesters deadlined:

Assignment 1: Week 10 Monday 25th April – Digital Proposal Form 

Assignment 2: Monday 16th May – Power Point Presentation 
– Research project – 1000 word review 
– Student Notebook

A quick look back to the previous semester

I think my last project ‘colourful mind’ my weakest one yet, however I’m happy I tried something different. Previous semester was challenging for many reasons, most of them personal. Due to an illness I started making the project with very little time to spare, and like most of the times there were bumps along the way. I’m satisfied with the project I ended up with but like I mentioned previously it was not a strong proposal. 

This semester’s theme


This semester we will be working with the theme ‘home’. Home is a place you live and/or the people you love. For everyone home is something different and I believe all the projects created this semester will be very individual but all of them equally amazing.

This semester we jumped right in, starting the first day with a tutorial.

We talked about initial ideas and what I want from the project.
My idea is to take a closer look at the rapid growth of prices in Poland. With the the big rise to the electricity bills for businesses the costs of goods produced by the businesses in Poland, like for example bakeries, are already showing increased in prices.


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