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Reading Week

This semester my project was working on my installation from last year and making it more about the present, more about my everyday.

This started by observing my surroundings. Looking, smelling, seeing, feeling my surroundings.. what I sense – Being in the moment was the idea. For example

I feel something soft underneath something cozy a brown cushioned base, my legs hanging off the chair.. probably because I’m 5feet I like swinging them just feel like a 4 year old self. I look around first I smell something pungent I close my eyes take a big whiff and move my eyes and neck in the direction I smell, I did feel like a dog at first AND THEN i notice someone have a tuna mayo mustard sandwich in the library no wonder i cant sit here. I see people. People in a habitat of working? some are looking possessed by their laptops not a single blink of eye some look happy? probably first year don’t know what’s going to hit them soon in the deadline months during this whole craziness I have a nice warm cup of coffee, macchiato to be precise coffee with a touch of chocolate – It just makes me happy I don’t think its the coffee itself it’s more of a daily ritual the known in an unknown territory of everyday the warmth from the mug seems like a little hug, a little doze of home. Whenever someone is upset or someone come to my house, I’d always ask them to sit and make them a nice warm beverage – it’s instantly calming as it said warm liquid entering your body helps blood vessels with circulation. I’d want people who are coming to my house feel like they at home.

I reacted to little things I see, smell somethings – Things that make me feel something.

Starting this project I wanted to focus on simple aspects and emotions keep the project lighter and simpler than last semesters.

I experimented with different mediums to write and create on surfaces such as colored pens

As the project moved on, to looking and reacting instant reaction – I moved on to focusing deeper on emotions, on something small that made me smile.

As the semester moved forwards this started to seem harder as with time crunch, deadlines, producing working without feeling just getting it done started being a focus for everything and hence coming back to these boxes with a motive of a smile seemed harder – It didn’t seem completely honest to myself and the process.

After having a good amount of boxes I started to think regarding the installations – more over how can it enhance my project with placing lighting to get more and share more with my audience.

I started thinking on how lights can affect my work, does is give more or take away – time taken away – darker room lighter room

I started thinking about using wooden plinths and displaying it in warm lights and moving the lights around time by time – creating a wall of doubt? This whole process with reading week seems a bit overwhelming – I feel nervous with the boxes – We’ll see what creations happen in the project room

Cy Twombly

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