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During this week we were asked to present our project proposal to the group, while this was being done we would receive written feedback on how to improve in preparation of next weeks formal presentation. To begin with I became very nervous about this presentation, causing me to become panicked and emotional, I took a step back and composed myself while others continued with their presentations. While observing the others in the class I became calmer and ready to do my presentation, the issue we had to begin with was not being able to present on the big screen as my file was unable to open, however I was able to present it on my laptop and managed to go through beginning to end. Although it was clear my presentation was not the best, nor the most informative I am still happy with the fact that I was able to do the presentation and receive positive and negative feedback from my peers. Below are some of the examples of feedback that I received from the class.

“relatable and interesting take on growth”

“you introduced us to the project nicely”

“you may play around the way of instillation to represent your concept effectively”

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