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Oscar Faulkner – Week Two

My drawing from the presentation on Friday 14th October. The exercise made me think of automatism and in the past I have looked into the concept and philosophy of the stream of consciousness. I like this way of making because it concentrates on the process rather than planning pieces which avoids overthinking. Maybe this could be a tool to getting past blocks in productivity.
I chose to research Daily by Annette Messager in the class on Friday because the enlargement of objects was related to my week one experiments. I was particularly interested in the idea of keeping the objects in movement.
Like Annette Messager, Gabriel Kuri enlarges everyday objects. Both of the artists fabricate the objects using new material. They draw your attention to the familiar in an unfamiliar way, which could be described as ostranenie, a word introduced in class on Friday that I want to keep in mind.
I wanted to enlarge the experiments from week one further. Projecting on sheets of paper to draw the text by hand.
I wrote about my drawings as I was making them.
I tried to keep a continuous line going at the start of this experiment.
I found 0 through 9 in a book at the back of the creative arts studio. I like the idea of numbers as objects, made almost unrecognisable or unimportant in their usual sense.
I like working in a process of adding and subtracting, creating layers. I thought of the term Palimpsest and that I could take this idea of altering and redrawing further.
Using charcoal and chalk to create more contrast.
Making the familiar format of the receipt more abstract, the work is becoming more chaotic.

By the end of week two I am uncertain where the receipts are going. In the reflection above I am talking about how I could transition into three dimensional work, I am excited by the prospect of making plaster casts, and of merging organic and inorganic form, the body and the text of the receipts.

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  1. Lots going on, lots happening and moving, excellent, exciting..I find myself wondering if you are moving on from things too quickly? missing gems along the way, but keep going but then chose a time to stop and make a decision, week 5 maybe. Yes you could bring in object, sound, projection, wall mounted text etc. etc. an installation encompassing all manner of material and media investigations. You could expand the media and material investigation while tightening up the concept, my sense is that one of the two must be boundaried because of time constraints. But you play so well Oscar and you are intuitive and responsive. I am in the early stages of making number drawings, they are on Instagram, have a look. Keep referring to the receipts, they are your anchor.

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