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Week 9 – Getting things done

Monday 28th, November – Sunday 4th, December

Class activity the Worry Doll (group project)

Documentation of my proposal  

Live performance part one of the hypothetical exhibition

Recording process of the shadow performance for installation

Installation (Projection) part two of the hypothetical exhibition

Documentation of the process (self-led project)

1 thought on “Week 9 – Getting things done”

  1. This is a really informative post, visually, little text this week but thats ok, you have become a master of documentation, I even love the room full of lights, visually it reminds me of Janet Cardiff’s incredible audio installation ’40 Part Motet’, its a beautiful installation in itself. I very much appreciate the paired down movements, when comparing this piece to the performance at the TAKEOVER last May its so clear how much you have learned in terms of reducing information, extracting irrelevant material, honing in on what is important. This reminds me very much of Pina Bausch’s Nelkin Line composition that you were inspired by last semester, so it is clear that your inspiration and interests are now running through each project – therefore you are beginning to develop a ‘practice’ – a body of work and a research interest that runs beyond each project and semester, an excellent position for mid degree.

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