Mollie Brooks

This is my week 1 notes for semester 1. The topic this semester is Animal.

Week 2, Semester 2

week 3, semester 2

This week I discussed my proposal idea, in which we decided I will create my very own mythical creature colouring book. To do this, I will create illustrations using Procreate on my iPad Pro, and over the Easter break I will get copies published and printed, and posted to family, friends and on my personal shop. I will then ask those that coloured in one or more of them to send me a photograph of this, which will be used as a background for the background in The Summer Show.

Once meeting with Miranda, I jumped on and got my first illustration done.

No description available.

Here is my first illustration for my colouring book. This is a Pegasus. To create this I actually used a guide from a regular horse, and combined it with bird feathers! I decided on this as I feel it looks much more elegant and gives more room for creativity.

week 4, semester 2

This week I posted on my art Facebook and asked what kind of creatures my friends and family would like to see. I decided to create a Phoenix today, due to popular demand.

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Here it is. I left the flames without centres as I thought it would allow for more experimentation with colour, and I wanted to incorporate some less intricate designs into the book, to allow it to be accessible for all ages.

week 5, semester 2

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Week 5 I decided to illustrate a Hippocampus, as I had not yet created a water habited creature. I find these very beautiful to look at, and it is probably one of my favourites.

week 6, semester 2

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This week I created an illustration of 2 Gargoyles sitting in a castle or dungeon. I find these to be very interesting little creatures and love how they hold so much character.

reading week, semester 2

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This week I created 2 illustrations, one of which is currently unfinished, but I will post an update once its complete. We have a 2 headed snake, and a Cyclops. Again, a clear variation of intricacy due to making my book widely available.