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matthew hulse – week 3

streams of everyday consciousness pt. 2 –

This part of the inspirational didn’t leave as big of an impression as the previous one did; hence the much reduced output of content during the session. I found this second part to be more like a re-contextualisation of everyday things, like cooking utensils, drinking water; but also the things we don’t notice with the naked eye, like dualities or symmetry and asymmetry in things that are not observable. Such things could be spiritual, authority based, design of things on the Earth.

One work that stood out to me due to its grandiosity yet simplicity was Fischli & Weiss’ Suddenly This Overview. The body of work that began in 1952 offers a casual… overview of everyday life and our perception of it. This large body of work is housed in the Guggenheim and is made up of sculptures, videos and installations, all focusing on “understanding reality and inviting a state of wonder. Unfired clay was used for their sculptures because it was unglamorous and unused in fine art. The artists referred to their sculptures as a ‘subjective encyclopaedia’ that eature mythical scenes such as the parting of the Red Sea and more trivial moments like waiting for an elevator. All the sculptures feature a punchline in their title. These sculptures challenged the viewers to rethink their thoughts about everyday life and their misconceptions about it. This body of work caught my eye due its scale and its ostensible lightheartedness.

Another work that I found interesting was Marina Abramović’s How to Drink a Glass of Water. It is a short clip in which she explains to the viewers how to drink a glass of water, going through every step individually like a tutorial. I took particular interest in this video as it made me feel uncomfortable when asked to re-explore the sensation and actions of drinking water as if for the first time. I essentially had to enter a state of forced defamiliarisation, in which I ended up biting my paper cup which held the water. In this state the water in my mind didn’t feel like water, and after the first sip I did not want anymore because it was so bizarre to me.

– forward with my IP –
my progress after parting with my previous idea.

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