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Lena A Tomasik

Week 9 and 10.

Week 9 16.08.23

This week was all gears a go!

To start I took my photos of the sculptures and opened them in procreate. I want to isolate the figure and play around with different colours.

I want to play around with the bin bags sculptures to see how different colours may effect the way they are perceived. To me these sculptures are represented of an extreme future that people may face where we have quiet literally become plastic beings, trapped in a plastic body with our conscious self knowing that part of our humanity has been lost to what we ourselves have created.

After I isolated the figure I stared to play with the background to see what imaginary setting I could make the sculptures sit in:

The fun thing about digitalising the sculptures is that I can play with extreme colours which I am finding really fun, I have a belief that because we are exposed to so much on the day to day basis in order to really attract we have to lean to extremes to be seen.

Here I started to play with opacity and repeted pattern which I then manipulated into a background for the isolated figure to sit in:

I like putting the figures back into a setting, to give them some narrative for the audience to understand.

I then started to play around with the sculpture more, repeating it or by mirroring the image to itself:

After this I adding in a new image to my tab and started the process again but with a different sculpture to isolate (made from the same bin bags as sculpture 1 to clarify).

However I stopped at this point because I thought that this layering effect was really interesting, it was a way to collage digitally and create layers in the outcome. I also liked how accidental the process is, there’s a level of unpredictability which is something that excites me personally as an artist. What is the challenge for me is then what is next?

Removing the figure? And leaving the cut out of it? I enjoy that it essentially makes two original figures into a potential three. A symbolic tryptic.

I then moved onto working on the new figure alone:

I decided that symbolically red, pink these kind of tones are symbolic of humans, flesh.

I then played around with the layering of the two figures, the adding details that are undeniably human such as eyes and mouths as these creates are represented of us.

I then started to readd elements of original photographs or the sculptures original settings. To give their new spaces a better narrative. Despite the heavy context of figures origins I want to keep these digital collages relatively fun to some degree, specifically by keeping the colours bright especially as it is an advantage of the format.

Some Outcomes:

Week 10

In this final week I continued my exploration of collage in procreate and ultimately created a final series of images that I title ‘trash talk’

It was also in this final week that I started to play around with the use of text in the final outcomes. Hence the name Trash Talks as the bin people are talking to us the audience, it is also a small reference to the idea of gossip.


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