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artdecorative objects, or design considered by many people to be ugly, without style, or false but enjoyed by other people, often because they are funny: (definition from the Cambridge dictionary)

I wanted to take a look at the kitsch style of artwork as it was a word given to describe elements of my work therefore I felt it was fitting to explore this type of art further and possibly incorporate these ideas into my upcoming pieces.

In the art world, kitsch is a very subjective type of art, and can have many different definitions depending on whom you discuss with. In a way this style is more subjective and abstract as it adds elements that cannot be seen in other themes of work. Kitsch art is closely related to sentimental art as it is seen to be moving to specific individuals depending on the theme of the work and the feelings that the viewers get through the art. While this type of art style can be seen to be unsophisticated and messy by some people, others find it show stopping and imaginative.

Kitsch art
above is one of the most popular pieces of artwork that can be seen as Kitsch
Vladimir Tretchikoff (courtesy of

During the next following weeks I want to further develop my knowledge on different art forms that tie into being Kitsch, I also would enjoy experimentation work that falls under this category as I feel adding this experimentation will give me a better insight into how Kitsch has developed and why it is loved by some and hated by others.

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