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Kerry Lee – Week 1

IP Week 1 Tutorials-

I chose Interdisciplinary Practice as, in my first year, we had a taster in what the course entailed. I loved how freeing and care free i felt in those sessions and wanted to experience more of this. Week 1 did not disappoint.

We started out by introducing ourselves and talking briefly about some of our own practices and preferred mediums. I always love this part of a new group dynamic as I am one that believes you can learn so much from your peers not just your tutors. I explained when it was my turn top speak how I really wanted to be pushed outside of my comfort zone in this class and try something really new as its the perfect opportunity to do this. It was also interesting to hear what my fellow classmates wanted to explore.

We then went into an automatic writing exercise. I hadn’t done anything like this when it came to text. I found this actually a really helpful way of creating ideas that i may not have thought of any other way. Some key words came out that actually was something I felt I could start working with when it came to my project.

We then developed this idea of writing into a method of spell casting. I loved this idea and decided to put it in a frame work of writing a letter to myself. A letter to look back on and give myself some encouragement.

Fridays Class

We were put into pairs for a blind drawing exercise where we took turns drawing each other without looking at what was on the page. This has always been an interesting and uncomfortable exercise for me. Being looked at always makes me feel uneasy and it made me think about why I feel this way. Is it because I worry about being judged? Or people seeing the real me? It made me feel really good though, as once I looked at my partners drawings of myself, he had put rays around me. When i asked him what that was he said it was my energy coming through.

Our final task was to create an interlinked map of all our skills. This was a good exercise for me as it made me think outside of the box about the skills that help me with my creative practice.

Self Directed Project

At this stage i have a few ideas of possible avenues that i would want to explore. I find it hard to narrow down my ideas sometimes but with talking through my ideas with some people i feel close to I know that I want to try something different. I would like to play with the idea of combining film and writing or audio together to create something quite impact.

I really want to start off my research by exploring spoken words. I have always loved the correlation between poetry and performance and how moving it can be.

This performer Sarah Kay is someone i have come across and want to explore more of her work to learn from and be inspired by

I also want to got back through my late granddads writing. He documented so much of his life with his writing. He was a unique, eccentric and interesting man who was my best friend. After his passing still to have stories of his life and his words to read and comfort me meant the world. I want to use this as another source of inspiration.

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