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Katy Nelson~ Week 9

This Week’s Workshop: Claymation

In this week’s lesson, we got to do Mike’s Claymation workshop that we had chosen. We began by sitting around a table and creating some characters, animals and scenery to be placed inside the model village. I really enjoyed this as we had creative freedom to make whatever we wanted to add to the film; I made a lady in a long dress and a duck pond. After, we all placed our creations into the village scene and moved our own pieces after each photo was taken. It was a slow process but I think the end result of the film was really funny and interesting and quite special as we all collaborated to make it a success.

Hannah Carvell

An interesting artist I came across this week is Hannah Carvell. She is a painter and printmaker from Bedford, England who has a degree in Fine Art. Carvell runs her own online business that she started in 2019, where she sells her own prints. Her work is extremely colourful and bold and she explores subjects such as fruit, abstract patterns, flowers and a wide variation of animals from dogs to gorillas. The prints featuring animals have a lot of relevance to my own project as she records these subjects in a colourful, fun way capturing the personality of each one. Her use of bright and contrasting colours is very reminiscent of Pop Art and I love the extraordinary and almost humorous sense that these prints have.

My Purple Project Update…

This week I have finished painting my series of purple pet paintings. I am very pleased with all of them individually, however I think that it is when they are all placed together as a group that they look most impressive. Tomorrow morning I am taking the paintings to the Art School photography studio, where I will use purple gel plastic to tint the studio lights and arrange my paintings on a large board to photograph for the proposal form. I will be photographing them in different compositions to see which I feel works best, and I will also be inviting a few people to come and see the process in real life so that I can gage my audiences response to my installation. After finishing all of the paintings and seeing how well they compliment each other and the effect that they create, I have decided not to include my first two paintings- the cat statue and the goblet- in this documentation as I feel, as we discussed in my tutorial, that they were the ‘stepping stones’ that brought me to my final purple idea. I’m really looking forward to bringing all of my work together to create what should hopefully be a cute, fascinating and personal installation of purple paintings that are all very precious to me. Below is a photo of the five complete rat paintings.

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  1. these 5 drawings/paintings look fabulous Katy, they are so strong as a team, you must love them! I am really glad you were brave enough to take out the first 2, the concept is now nice and clear and clean, easy to grasp and access, a simple transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, expected to unexpected..I do hope the lighting and photography has gone well, really looking forward to seeing the result.

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