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Katy Nelson~ Week 8

This Week’s Class: Presentations

In class this Wednesday, we had to follow on from the ideas of last weeks presentations by choosing a word relating to the chosen project and creating a PowerPoint presentation around this word. My word was ‘Environment’. My first thought was to choose an artist who works with environment as we most commonly see- relating to climate change and pollution. This is something I find interesting but I didn’t think that it would be too relevant to our group’s chosen workshop. After some searching I stumbled across an artist, Patrick Dougherty’, who works with the environment around the sites for his projects and uses primitive building techniques to create structures from tree saplings. Dougherty’s works are really elegant and flowing structures and I think they look like small fairytale-like villages. His works seem to combine everyday ideas of architecture and community with an imaginative and natural adaption of the environment.

Anna Torma

Anna Torma was born in 1952 in Hungary and immigrated to Canada in 1988. She is known as a fibre artist and specializes in large-scale embroideries using many different techniques and skills. Her work explores themes such as memories, mythology and the importance of details and everyday tasks and items. Her pieces are very delicate and intricate and present people, animals and objects in a beautiful way. I may use this artist in my proposal form as I think her work and ideas would really compliment what I have been trying to achieve in my own project.

‘For Torma, the small and seemingly unexceptional are equally as important as the large and easily recognizable. In this series of work, as in life, Torma urges us to value and treasure the minute and the everyday, because it is through the accumulation of these minor details that one can often access greater and more important facets of life as well.’ (Esker Foundation)

My Purple Project Update…

This week I have completed one more painting so far, and am planning to do my final four by the end of Monday. The outlines for all of them are already drawn out so its just the painting aspect left to do! I will then be in a position to make the card ‘stands’ for the back of my paintings and then to look into the presentation aspect of my project further. So far, I am planning to take my work to the theatre and scenography building as they have a professional lighting set-up with a purple light, so I am hoping this will be the easiest way to bring this purple vision to life. I am very pleased with my paintings and the outlines for the 4 I have left to complete, as I think I have captured each animal’s personality and ‘look’ very well- my boyfriend could tell who each painting was, so that made me happy. There’s a lot of work to do this weekend but I’m sure i will get it done in time, after all I love painting 🙂

This painting is like 90% finished, it just need some additional highlights and lowlights to greaten the contrast and depth.

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  1. love these painting, surprising, transformative and of course cute! I like the size of the card too. Is it not easier to photograph here in the Lighting Studio? buy or borrow purple gels? how will you get the plinth up to the TFTS – in your car? after our tutorial I was feeling more and more that the purple rats stand up alone, are stronger conceptually and visually than the other two painted objects, even the title ‘Purple Rats’ resonates and intrigues. I wonder what you felt on reflection, it would be bold and brave to let the others go..but my feeling is that were stepping the Anna Torma work

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