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Katy Nelson~ Week 7

Dona Nelson

Dona Nelson was born in 1947 in Nebraska, USA. She is a painter best known for her abstract use of materials and techniques as well as her free-standing artworks. In her earlier works (1968-1990) she explored geometric patterns and life-size subjects, but she later began developing her work into more imaginative and inventive pieces. These include two-sided free-standing paintings, on surfaces such as doors, that are placed around the room. Other free-standing paintings are held up by steel stands, platforms, and bricks. The artist’s intent is to make the viewing of the artworks a more intimate and engaging experience, different to the stereotypical method of viewing wall-mounted pieces.

This method of presenting a series of related paintings is something that I want to bring into my purple project, as I want the viewing of my paintings to be fascinating and special to reflect how I feel about the subject of each one. I also want to present my series in this way so that I can reposition each painting as I wish to and light the platform with purple lighting. I will take photographs of my final presentation, solely due to the limitations surrounding the lighting aspect, as I would not be able to move the lighting as I can the paintings. However, I will also bring people with me when I take these photographs so that the final series can be experienced in person too.

My Purple Project Update…

This week, I first wanted to complete the painting of my purple unicorn goblet, as it just needed some details adding. I wanted to use my metallic acrylic paints for this, as I felt it would most closely replicate the glittery effect of the real goblet. I also thought that it would help to build depth and curvature, as it allowed for more prominent highlights. The finished painting is one of my best, I think, and it works well alongside the cat statue painting. I also completed another painting this week- this time of Julius the Dwarf hamster. It is a very tiny painting and I therefore had to take a really delicate and tentative approach to it, as I wanted the outcome to be as accurate and detailed as possible. I like the finished painting and am excited to add it to the series, but I may revisit it in a few weeks time with a fresh approach as I feel that it needs some more low-lights around the sides of his body to make him appear more three-dimensional. My plan for next week is to complete at least one new painting, this time of one of my rats. I have already drawn up the outline for the one of Morty, so will hopefully have that ready for next week’s update.

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