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Katy Nelson~ Week 7

This Week’s Workshop:

In this week’s lesson, we each presented a workshop pitch in Petcha Kucha format. This style of PowerPoint is 6 minutes and 40 seconds long, with 20 slides that each stay onscreen for 20 seconds. My workshop proposal was titled ‘Butterfly Memorial’ and consisted of the group creating personalized and decorative card butterflies with colorful tissue-paper-covered cut-out sections that catch the light when hung from string in the project room, creating an installation. This idea would be very personal and commemorative, with everyone getting the chance to share their own ideas and memories with the group, if comfortable. I think my presentation went alright. I tried to speak loudly and clearly and I had prepared a script which made it easier. I had already made a normal style of PowerPoint for this before I realized it was meant to be in the Petcha Kucha style, so I made a second one which then meant that my script left big gaps of silence between slides, so this is something I will rectify for next time. Below are some of the images I used in my Petcha Kucha.

Initial Proposal Form

The initial proposal form deadline was Monday 13th March. Completing this form meant that I had to start really thinking forward to what I wanted to create for my project and the exhibition. I will be making an installation of my taxidermy butterflies, hanging in an upwards spiral above a wax sculpture of Cherry with the wings of a butterfly. There will be multiple sources of light in the room, possibly LED lights at the base of the plinth and two studio lights in the corners of the space. The lighting will definitely be white with possibly some purple and pink to reflect me and Cherry. For the location of my project at the takeover I put the music rehearsal room and the dance studios, as I was not too concerned about location so long as I can attach my project from the ceiling and/or walls. After speaking with Miranda and learning that I will have the entrance room to the Round studio, I am more comfortable with the location as I feel the space is really inviting and also the circular lights at the top of the conical shaped room will really compliment the themes of my project- reminds me a lot of Damien Hirst’s stain-glass skylight window at Claridge’s Hotel in London and how it helped direct attention upwards. For my project I plan to use fishing wire to hang my butterflies, as well as thick Aluminum wire, sculpting wax and a plinth. I also need to buy sculpting tools and a rotating platform to build my wax sculpture on, as I have a feeling it will take a long time.

Hope House Butterfly Garden

Louise Bowen from Hope House

Photographed in the Butterfly Garden

Hope House is a children’s hospice charity based in Shropshire, Cheshire, Powys and North Wales. They provide essential specialist care to more than 750 seriously ill children as well as support and guidance for the families of the children. In August 2020, the Hope House Owestry staff created a butterfly garden at the British Ironworks Centre in Owestry. The outdoor installation consisted of hand-painted metal butterflies mounted on rods that were designed by the staff, parents and children, who all contributed to the choice of shapes and colours used. Each metal butterfly is unique and 1 of a run of only 500 copies, and they were for sale on the charities’ website in return for a donation. The project was launched to help bring joy and vibrance to the families and local community and was also part of their Hospice Support Program, whereby they aimed to raise an additional £1 million. This project is really uplifting and shows how significant and powerful butterflies are as symbols of hope and positivity. The beauty and elegance of the insects provide familiarity and comfort even to those in really unfortunate and distressing situations and the the uniquity of each painted butterfly reflects that of each child. I chose to research this community installation project as I feel it holds a lot of relevance to the sense of hopefulness that I want to try encapsulate in my project. I also really love the photo of the project and how the lady is just surrounded by the butterflies, it creates such a bright and energetic atmosphere.

I am currently awaiting the arrival of the supplies I need to start making each aspect of my installation. The wax should hopefully be delivered in the next week or so and then I will get started on creating my sculpture of Cherry, as the tools I ordered have already arrived. I’m looking forward to getting back into sculpting and am hopeful that I can create something beautiful.

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