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Katy Nelson~ Week 10

My Purple Project Update…

This week I completed my purple project and called it ‘Purple Rodents’. After finishing all of the paintings last week, I then just had to take the final photographs of my work as it would be exhibited in the hypothetical takeover at the Arts Centre. I booked out the photography studio and used gel filters to make the lighting purple. I arranged my seven paintings on the palette and then took photographs of the scene. I then used these images to fill in and later present my hypothetical takeover exhibition plan to the group. Overall, I am really really pleased with how my project turned out. Thinking back to the first few weeks of term when my ideas were so different and unclear and then seeing how much progress I have made with the development of my project makes me feel proud of how hard I have worked. Upon reflection, I think that the turning point of my project was week 4 because of the paper cup task, as it was when I realized that I wanted to intertwine my pets into my work and create a project that is really meaningful and special to me. I think that my PDF presentation went surprisingly well (my 3 pages of notes really helped with that) and I am looking forward to sharing my notebook with group so that they can see my projects journey in more detail.

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  1. A short post but fabulous Katy, what a gorgeous project, image, and title, you know when you get a tight title you’ve got a tight project, so so glad you left the other 2 out, what a great decision. would love to see the whole plinth, to see it as a sculpture feeling is there is more work to do on that, but for now BRAVO! you did indeed get yourself out of a hole and into just being yourself and doing what you love to do..

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