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Katy Nelson~ Week 10

My Project, ‘Obscured Rebirth’

This Monday was the proposal form deadline. I cut it a bit fine with my timings- I’d been struggling with my depression and therefore a lack of motivation in the weeks leading up to the deadline, but with the help of my partner I managed to bring it all together in the last few days, just in time for the presentation.

I feel that my presentation went okay. I was having a very anxious day and I know that it affected the delivery of my presentation, as I kind of sped through it and didn’t take the time to connect with the audience. This is something I will hopefully have better control over by the time the next proposal form presentation comes around, as I feel it was significantly worse than the one I did in semester 1- a bit disheartening but at least I know it is something to work on in the meantime. I got some really positive feedback from the group; everyone seemed to understand how important and personal my work has been to me and that was really lovely. I also got some great tips on the actual presenting side of things, as I think everyone understands how stressful it can be, and this made me feel a lot more at ease, which was nice. My main things to work on are: making eye contact with the audience, not relying so heavily on the script and taking the time to explain my work in a less structured manner, speaking louder and also having larger images within my proposal form document so that the group can better see and understand my work. Overall though, I am proud that I managed to stand up and present in front of everyone and hopefully my notebook presentation will be an improvement!

These are some photographs of my project, all finished apart from the addition of butterfly wings that will come before the Takeover exhibition. I am really proud of myself for making this, as it was quite ambitious and all things I have never really tried to do before, but the fact that I managed to pull it off makes me feel contented and more confident in my own abilities as an artist- I’d like to think Cherry would be proud of me:) I cannot wait to showcase my work at the Takeover, it’s going to be a great exhibition!

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