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Janoš week 9

Project proposal form:

Proposal form presentation:

I was a bit confused and undecided on how exactly I should’ve presented the proposal from pdf. I obviously could not just read off the pdf document as that would mean I wouldn’t be able to face the audience as much as I should and also it would have taken more than the 10 minutes. I decided to make some cards with a summary and key words for each section.

My plan was to go through the the proposal document and glance at the cards to prompt me and then summarise the writing and also improvise a bit, not just read what I there. I knew I had to get through it quite quickly, but I got lost a bit at times and wasn’t concise enough. The other issue is that I didn’t time myself so I got to 10 minutes before I finished the presentation.

My project:


Richard Long, born 1945:

He is well known for a project called ‘A line made by walking’. Long’s artwork is based around direct engagement with the landscape. He goes on solitary walks in a similar fashion to Hamish Fulton, another artist I have studied in relation to my project.

Long makes marks in the landscape, picks up sticks and stones and places them on the way; this makes his art a lot more on the land art side of things than purely conceptual. He uses walking as a way of exploring the relationship between distance, time and geography. Walking is I think the catalyst or the theme that holds the project together, as opposed to being the sole theme of the artworks. The projects have been called ‘land art’, but it is also a kind of performative art piece that is done while in nature. I do make similar interventions in the landscape when I run, maybe not in a deliberately artistic way however.

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  1. a short post, but well done for doing the script cards, I think they worked brilliantly, I made a note of it, a great first go Janos, so much to build on, you came across as confident, composed and in charge..

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