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Janoš week 9:

Amy’s workshop

In this workshop, we all brought in an object to paint. I chose a painted papier mache egg that my mum got me this easter. The exercise was fairly simple but fun and relaxing. We used just simple poster paint and painted the object in a free and expressive way. All the timed that we painted we had a time restriction. For the first one 10 seconds, then 20, 40 and so on. We finished on 10 and 15 minutes. I liked that there wasn’t a focus on how the paintings looked like as it was just about the process. I find painting stressful sometimes, I also found that 15 minutes was kind of my limit of concentration. I liked what I made, it was a nice break and stimulating in a different way.

Group tutorial

In this final tutorial, there was just me, Mike, Saad, Richard and Miranda. The purpose of this session was to pick apart each other’s finished projects and see if anything was overlooked or hidden. In terms of intention, impact and theme. I found it really helpful seeing what peoples’ reactions were to my film, what I could show of it, and see what they thought. One frustrating aspect was that maybe it could’ve been just before easter, so we could’ve had time to work on the feedback and edit accordingly.  

My project

What I have done:

I have completed the editing of the film completely now ready for the hand-in on Monday. I decided to cut it to 4 minus 19 seconds, as that is my mile PB, my favourite race distance. I am very happy with how it has all edited together and how the sound works. The audio clips that I recorded for the soundtrack are just in the background, so that you can just hear it. Then the main sound is the constant rhythmic footsteps while I’m running.

Why the eye:

I have thought that my film would work best here for a while. I have always considered a dance studio projection as well though. Obviously, the film itself is experimental, so it was just a case of deciding what suited it best rather than just picking an experimental staging of it. I did think about things like projecting onto the mirror in the dance studio and maybe have me in there live, maybe doing stretches or something. Or have things like running shoes physically there. I like that the film is just a one to one with me on screen and the viewer, so I waned to stay separate and not be part of the the performance. I prefer the intimate setting of the eye compared to projecting onto a wall as well.

What next:

I need to complete my proposal form now and write some more about artists who I have been researching.

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