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Janoš week 8:

Week 8 presentation and takeover meeting

For my research presentation, I had to do it online as I had to be in work. I made it on Microsoft PowerPoint and then recorded a voice over for each slide. I did it in a similar format to the Pecha Kucha presentation. I just had a title and photo for each slide and then the audio narration explained the detail. I found it worked well as I could obviously decide when to change slide, so I felt more in-control. I chose a couple of artists to present my research about who related to the theme I chose, ‘motion’, and also, they related to my own project, the theme of time and the group workshop we are going to do. 

I got some feedback from my first proposal form submission. I was recommended dance studio 2 as a place for my film. However, as I asked about the availability of the eye as well, I am going to go for that. The main reason being the compactness and intimacy that I would like.

The 2nd Takeover meeting was online this week. We all contributed to selecting the final design for the logo for the Takeover and all the marketing and social media around it. As part of the front desk team, I helped to present our ideas about presentation on the day and what items we need to purchase. The colour theme we are going for is an ochre/orange and black.

My project

What I have done:

I have completed my 100-word statement, which has its own notebook post and the clock drawing for the takeover publication. The clock I drew is a modern digital running watch face, showing the time 9.58 seconds. That time is probably the most famous in running, as it is Usain Bolt’s 100m world record which is officially the fastest any human has ever run.

Editing wise, I have been getting on well with using Apple’s iMovie, as I don’t really need anymore more complicated features for what I am doing. I have been looking at tutorials online about how to use certain features like layering audio and splitting the frame. I quite like how the film is coming together. As I want it to be viewed individually and it is in the eye, the film needs to be relatively short. I decided on 4 minutes 19 seconds as that is my current mile PB, which is my favourite race distance. All the transitions are very simple, and the film is not that complex, it is just a perspective of running. The film keeps going back to the shot of my legs from above as the key angle.

These videos I find interesting as it is not from my POV, but you do get a good connection and it feels like the viewer is close.

What I think:

I do like how the film is coming along now, I feel like I am experimenting but at the same time it is going to plan. I feel like maybe it might be a bit boring, but that is where the interesting audio comes in. I am taking samples of things that happen in my day like cooking, conversations, the radio and then have that sound at a low level in parts of the film, so it is like I am having flatbacks or that you can hear what is in my head. I do like that narrative of trying to make the film an exploration of how I feel when running.

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