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Janoš week 6

Group workshop pitch:

Here are the slides fro my group workshop presentation I did on Wednesday. I thought I handled speaking in front of an audience of three quite well. I know that I should have put a bit more detail in the powerpoint about timings and explaining materials a bit more. I was also missing a physical example which I was meant to bring in to help people visualise the idea. I feel the workshop could work well, it is just quite basic and similar to some of the earlier workshops we did.

My project:

I have messed up my notebook structure a bit the last couple of weeks; with being ill, I’ve been more disorganised. I had a lot of writing on the last post, so this is all the imagery from my project over the last couple of weeks.

I first used digital text on my photos, done in Photoshop. I wanted to see how different styles, colours, fonts and sizes worked with the photos.

I also wanted to experiment with the writing interrupting the photo, or just being alongside like a caption.

`The photos aren’t brilliant, nor are they meant to be. They are just a snap, a moment that is captured in my life of running. Therefore, the narrative is more important than the technique.

This second part is experimenting with my own handwriting instead. I think I prefer the digital at the moment.

I need to choose what works, refine it and think about where I can take this now. I don’t feel a lot of these work or are very ‘strong’ and effective. Maybe if I viewed them in a series it might look better. A bit more research would be good as well. I feel like I’ve finally caught up now with where I want to be.

Running update…

Well, the bad news then. I discovered the other day I do have, just had, glandular fever. That explains the weeks of feeling ill of course. I feel better now, but just abnormally tired all the time. I can technically start training again in a weeks time, however, how that will make me feel is another matter. Optimistically I can be running and training normally again in about a months time. But, as the virus can cause post viral symptoms, it could be months until I feel normal. I know a few runners who got it while competing and it set them back a good 6 months. We’ll just have to see and hope for the best. It is rather ironic that I’m doing the project about running, it could be brilliant though as it adds depth to the narrative. Time will tell.

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