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Janoš week 6 / Reading week

Workshop preparations:

I have been making a PechaKucha presentation for next week, based on the poster I made during the last class.  My workshop idea to start with was building a sculpture that is animal like and a representation of yourself or a mood.  I really want to work in 3D as it is something I’ve lacked, so I thought this was a good opportunity.  The idea has links to my own project as it is based around the self and to site specific art as we would be making something to install.  I have started to write all the details in, like timings of the workshop, equipment needed and some historical context.  

My project:

I doubled the amount of paper text work I had over the last week.  I know I need a lot more to fill a space or book effectively.  I have began to make even more directly poetic works, as that has been my preference at the time.  I am still trying to be very spontaneous and just write these little snapshots without thinking about them too much and just trying to convey a feeling in the moment or a memory that is bouncing around.  My metaphor is like I am catching bits of my unconscious voice on the page.

Final designs:

I have been pondering my options for how I can effectively and strongly display my work.   As the mixed-media text pieces are all one sided and 2D at the moment, it does limit my options somewhat.  I do like the intimate and tactile nature of them as they are if displayed in a common way.  Options right now are on a wall, in a book, in a collage or hanging in more of an interactive installation.  I need to get into the project room to test out some of the larger suggestions, but I’ve already done some tests.  My feelings were negative towards displaying on a flat wall like paintings, I felt it took away from the closeness and connection to the writer of the pieces compared to the book idea.  I feel like seeing them close together like that, or in a collage, it looked too busy as each writing piece is different and needs its own attention.  However, I will have the chance on Tuesday to show people the mix of design options and gather peoples feelings and preferences.  


This is an example of the kind of work that inspires my poetic side and technique.  I am drawn to the use of metaphor and using slight ambiguity as to who is the poetic voice.  Sylvia Plath has also used her own experiences and feelings in her poems in a very raw and honest way, sometimes more obviously than others.  This poem, for example, 

I am drawn to prose writing as well as pure poetry, so that there is less focus on the structure of lines and rhythm, but the theme is still being voiced in a poetic way.  There is a theme of fragility and breaking in a lot of Plath’s poems, which is mirrored in my work.  

(Sylvia Plath, 1961)

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  1. Hi Janos, Great to see you experimenting with your writerly voice, form and content. Also good to see you considering how to display the work. The different options are well documented. I might suggest you try mock up a few zines / books if you’re still thinking of displaying the work in some kind of printed publication. Do you know how to use InDesign for layout too? Plath is a wonderful writer. Can you elaborate on what it is about her work that you like and rate? It would be good to give a little bit more analytic detail here. What does the work say? How does it relate to your own work? What part of her literary style are you looking to put into your own? Make sure you leave time to reflect on class activities in your post, as well as document research / reflection and creative experimentation. Do you know the work of the poet Emily Berry? I think you might like her work. My other creative suggestion is think about how you might make the text really speak to the viewer. Spotlights? Audio repetition of certain parts? Projections that amply the text? I think you really want people to focus in on and engage in the writing. This might be something to think about as you play with presentation formats. As you know the focus now is on making and preparing the presentations. Leave time to go through and start drafting the Takeover form and make sure you understand what to hand in. I’ll go through this in class tomorrow. Caitlin.

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