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Janoš week 5


Brainstorming for my group workshop idea…

This is a list of words and thoughts I had when I looked back at the Thai curry workshop. I was just writing down anything I remember and then I picked out common themes or aspects that I thought I might make a workshop about.

The basis for my workshop idea is about making 2D art while listening to music. The thought came about when thinking back at the curry making, when we had our favourite song playing. I found it interesting how I noticed different songs more than others and how the music affected how I moved, my mood and my thoughts about that moment. I find I can remember what I was doing when a particular song played. I often make work while listening to music, so that was another inspiration for my workshop as I know it is enjoyable.

The rough plan at the moment…

To start with, I think we need a bit of space on the walls so the project room would be best. Then, hang up large pieces of paper on the walls, one for each person at a comfortable working height. We all then go along to the workshop with 2–3 songs, ones that have a lot of personal meaning. We all listen to the songs we choose on headphones or earphones while making work on the paper. I would like the artwork we make on the paper to be inspired by the music, but not directly about the music like when we were reacting to the slideshows in workshop 1 and 2. I like the the headspace listening to music creates while being creative with on paper, I want the paper on walls so people can move about comfortably and even move with the music.

I think the first activity should be a piece that is black and white, using charcoal. The next being colour, using pastels, ink/pens or maybe paint. The later activity, is where we each listen to one each others song at each piece of paper, then move around the room until you have contributed on all the pieces of paper. The result is each piece is inspired by the same music but is made by everyone, maybe if we each used a colour so we can see clearly who’s contribution is who’s.

My project:

Again, like last week, I have had a very slow start work wise. I’m still not feeling myself generally so I’m struggling to do work and I still can’t run as I’ve got a lingering virus. I do, however, have a clear idea of my project aim, what I want to produce and the aim of it all. As I focused a lot on research last week or so, I have tried to do experimentation and testing ideas more this week.

My plan now is definitely for photographs with text. Questions and considerations are handwriting or digital, on the photo or more of a caption. I’m imagining a series of photos, either on a wall or in a book maybe. I am taking a lot of inspiration from Hamish Fulton and how he managed to make photo projects about something very visceral like walking but never actually taking photos of walking.

I am going to experiment with how different styles of writing, handwriting, fonts, size, amount and content work with the photos. I am thinking about how effective putting writing that is very dry and technical next to/on a photo, like times, weather, length of run, time of day etc. Then another approach is to write in interesting prose, maybe poetic or just more descriptive depth behind the image. I do like juxtaposition, irony and using humour.

I think the aim of the project is to try and portray how running makes me feel; that is the core.

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