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Janoš week 3


This week’s mini lecture and seminar was all about site-specific art. We learned about the different sub-styles like land art, installations and location-based projects. The key is often that the project would lose most of its meaning if it was staged or made in a different location. 

There was a lot of information to take in, but it is something I enjoy learning about. I have studied a few land artists before for previous projects, so it felt more familiar than learning about sound art.

Here I was documenting a particular location that I found interesting, I chose this stump from an old tree in the SoA grounds that was felled last term.

I wrote: There is a sound of diggers, building work, cars and machinery all around – as I look at the stump of the taken down tree. I think of the memories of the place, what is its purpose now and why do we always need to take down the old and build the new. Destruction isn’t decomposition.

My project:

At the moment, I am struggling to find a bit of rhythm with the notebook and this project. The other modules take up a lot of time during the week so I’m still working out my timetable and give everything the same amount of attention. I feel so tired, but I am enjoying what I’m doing.  I am normally very good at planning and time-management, I just need to find my rhythm again.  

In terms of developing my project, I have made more and more pieces of writing on prepared paper. I don’t like starting with a completely white sheet of paper, so I have been using paper that has left over blocks of paint and ink on. I find it brings out the text better and adds more depth and meaning. I have been using poetic techniques and a lot of auto-writing on the pieces. I am trying to explain a feeling on each individual piece, whilst still having some interest and ambiguity.  I like abstract art and abstract poetry, so I would like to create some hidden meanings in the work.

I have a much clearer picture of how I would like to stage the finished project now. I was considering how I could create an immersive and intimate space, where it feels like the audience is walking around my thoughts on a larger scale. The idea is that I will create a darkened room with the paper bits of writing hanging down at a reading level, so that you can walk in between and around them like floating maze. I will possibly add some audio, I am considering using my bedroom as the place for making the project and therefore I am considering making the displayed work reflect that. 

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