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Janoš week 11 and theTAKEOVER reflection:

Notebook presentation:

I couldn’t make it to the presentations in-person, as I explain below. Instead, I made a screen recording of myself talking over my notebooks and flicking through to show the highlights of each week. Just like at the proposal form presentation, I made notes with just the bullet points from each week so I didn’t get lost when I was talking. That is what the image below is of. I think my timing was really good and I was organised, but it was a shame not to get any in-person feedback.

This photograph of me is where I was on Monday – at the BUCS outdoor athletics championships in Manchester. As I have a sports scholarship here, I have to represent the uni in athletics (which generally doesn’t clash with classes luckily). It can be a tricky balance sometimes, so time-management and prioritisation is key. I have found it nice making my project about running as it has brought my interests together and taken up less headspace somehow.

My project: I have obviously finished my film and the theme was running, but this video below I took while cycling the other day. I actually quite like it, maybe I will make a whole series of POV clips from when I do different sports and look at documenting movement more? It will probably get boring but I still like it at the moment.


It definitely lived up to my expectations, it was even better than I imagined I think. It is a wonderful and stressful process seeing everyone’s work develop and then come together in such a formal way. I am very glad I had the January Show to have a practice run almost and see what goes on behind the scenes. I am also very happy that I chose to be on front desk. I like helping people, observing things and talking to people about what they think. It was good to feel useful and then I had time to wonder around briefly and see all the exhibits. I thought with some of the 2nd and 3rd year’s work, you could really see their development and how they have refined their practice since last year. There was an impressive amount of people on each tour really, I found it difficult to get more than a couple of people to come along because of the time being in work hours. The atmosphere was nice though, there was a mad rush just before 11:00 and the first tour wasn’t perfect, but it was fine in the end. I liked the community and togetherness there was with all of us exhibiting, it was a lovely experience.

Regarding my own project, I wasn’t as happy as I imagined. I think I looked at other people’s work and then looked at mine again and thought it wasn’t that strong and didn’t seem as interesting. I know that is a dangerous thing to d as each project is so different so I shouldn’t compare. I need to remember that this is my first year and the first proper film I have made. I think I just became unconfident as I thought people would find it boring or not understand it. Once I got out of my negative headspace though, I actually got really good feedback from people. Andrew Filmer came and talked to me after the tour which was nice, as obviously he has been looking at running as performance as a TFTS lecturer. He thought it was really unique and interesting. Someone mentioned how the footsteps were like a clock, which is exactly what I wanted. Someone else said that he found it quite meditative and that the location and framing made it very immersive which I was really pleased with. I know that I need to work on my technical/editing skills and also be even more experimental at times. I did find that the way the tours work didn’t suit my project at all, but I absolutely knew that beforehand and I don’t mind as I would’ve preferred just a few people to see it but that they see it exactly how I intended.

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