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Janoš week 10:

Proposal form presentation:

The form itself:  Compared to the last proposal form, I was very organised this time and finished it with a couple of days to spare. It was helpful as I had obviously done the initial proposal in March and my project hadn’t changed that much since then. I have been good at taking photos and screenshots as I go along as which helped speed things up. The part that I struggled with most was finding the four artists to put in the proposal. I have been quite good this semester by doing artistic and contextual research each week and putting it in my notebook. However, when I was doing the form, I found I was just picking people who I had researched a lot already and I couldn’t find many that had directly influenced my project. A big oversite is that I didn’t include any filmmakers in the proposal as my project is a film after all. 

How it went:  I made some prompt cards with a few words and sentences reminding me what to say. I didn’t write a whole script as I find I’m more effective and natural when I can improvise a bit. Also though, I didn’t want to go completely free and have no prompts or just read from the proposal form, as I knew I would get lost easily. Even with text in front of me, my brain tends to panic. That was my main aim actually, to slow down and don’t rush it. I think I did that, I had time in each section to breathe and I didn’t overload my prompt cards. I did remember to look up and engage with the audience, I obviously have to look at 2 things as well, so I sometimes forget. I wasn’t mentally nervous beforehand, but my body goes into panic mode regardless of how many deep breaths I take and know it’s going to be fine. 

Peer feedback:  I got very good feedback from everyone in class regarding the presentation. A lot of people liked how the project follows on from last semester’s work and they can see it is a very personal project. I got a fair-few comments about the research around the project, people said it was really relevant and confidently explained. Audience wise, I apparently came across confident and calm which is good. I did feel comfortable as I liked my project and was happy to talk about it. The only couple of negatives is that I should have had a film project or filmmaker researched in the artists section as my project is film based – the other thing was that I should’ve shown a couple of video clips instead of solely screenshots from videos.

My project:

What I have done: I have obviously finished my personal project as I have handed in the final proposal form. What I need to do now is just get my film onto a memory stick, print out a QR code to go next to my work and confirm with Miranda and Rachel where the film is going. I am going to be helping out moving things, setting up the exhibition and then being on front desk on the day so I still have a few responsibilities. I am definitely going to carry on working on this project and theme, probably not in IP next year but in my own time.

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