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Janoš week 1

I have been developing ideas for a first project, primarily around my interest in running. I have been thinking about linking the two for a while, but, I have never been sure about how exactly to do it. One idea is possibly using the lines in my running maps and bringing that into mark-making. I know I want to use a few different mediums and techniques, I don’t want to stick with solely photography or drawing or sound recordings etc. I enjoy working with mixed-media and I would like to really push that this semester.

From my tutorial, I had a lot of helpful feedback from my ideas and I decided to go down the running theme. Aside from Uni, running is my main focus and training of various kinds takes up the most of my time. Running is exhilarating, rewarding, meditative and tiring. I would like to explore how I can convey those things in art. I will go straight into making, without dwelling on other possible themes or doing any research. I would like to make drawings while I run, make sound recordings, take short videos or photos, use strata maps or make drawings or paintings from some of those inputs.

I have been too safe at times with art projects, especially towards the resolution. I haven’t always been completely free and creative, as I have a good attention to detail and sometimes worry about what things look like instead of just expressing myself. I think this project is a good opportunity to make work while I’m not in my comfort zone and also not care about the end result, but just focus on the process.

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  1. brilliant, a great set of intentions, so have you found ways of documenting your running this week I wonder? I am looking forward to seeing what you have captured? absolutely do not worry about what manifests – yet – just keep taking tools, equipment, ideas out with you while you run and see what you get. Your body can support all manner of tools and equipment, all of your limbs, and all of your clothes can have things attached to them..things in your mouth, ears, nose, up your sleeves, in your’s a blog –, look at Martin Creeds ‘Runner in the Gallery – no 850 Duveens Commission for the TATE gallery, contact Andrew Filmer in TFTS he ran running projects with his theatre classes for a while –

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