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Janoš week 1

Group tutorial:

The task here was to create a spell for what we might want our new project for this semester to be. I made a list of the techniques that I might want to use and the themes I want to explore and then reflect on why those things. I found it useful make this inventory almost and thing about want the steps and materials I might need to realise my project. This time I am thinking more about consistent subject matter and theme as opposed to sticking with one particular medium, like paint or performance. I would like to see how I can mix different mediums. To start the session we did a bit of automatic writing which is also something that might feed into my project quite well.

The most important consideration for my project is to make something that creates some sort of emotional connection with the audience and probably include some of my own experience and use that as self-expression that also has some veiled aspects and abstract intrigue. I realised with my choice of artists that I’m interested in, that there is a real mix of more literal work like the writing based art of Tracy Emin and Jenny Holzer and then then the pure abstraction from Mark Rothko. I’m curious as to how those artists managed to express similar subject matter or harbour a similar response from the but with quite different ways of expressing it visually.


I always like this quick blind drawing, in this case 2-3 minute portraits of each other. It loosened me up and I like that there is no focus on accuracy and portraits technique it is just blindly taking a line for a walk with the intention of capturing at least some resemblance of the other person. In the second drawing I didn’t take my pencil off the page at all.

The above list and web of string was part of a skills share. I wrote what skills and ways of working that I am good at and then chose some points from other people to be added to our skills. The idea being if I wanted help editing a film, I would know who in the group was confident doing that and I could ask to collaborate. I think it was useful to put everything so visually and I do think that it would be nice to work together a bit more in the group so this is a good catalyst for that as well as giving new ideas for experimentation.

My ideas so far:

Over the summer I didn’t do anything artistic, I always think I should and I plan to do things but I work a lot and I just get focused on other things and enjoy the break from uni. It does mean that I find starting again an anxious experience as I lose confidence and I don’t have much anyway when it comes to some of my art practice. I’m very organised and I like to feel in control and have a plan which sometimes could inhibit proper experimentation as I am focused on getting the right outcome and not just letting things happen. In my project I am thinking about making some work that maybe explores that feeling and other feelings of anxiety or things that are sometimes hard to visualise. I was thinking during the summer a lot about what inspires me and why I want to make art projects. I came to the realisation that really it is all about expressing myself and my interests, experiences or opinions but in a wide range of methods. I have been more focused on documentary previously in photography and film, but more recently I’ve started to feel comfortable with using myself more in the art. My starting point and inspiration is definitely the written work and honest text by Tracy Emin. I will need to start now and see what happens.

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