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Janoš week 1:

Reflection on last semester-

This was a period of learning and experimentation, both in the I.P. project and Uni in general. My project was about running as that is what I do most of and is what I enjoy the most, so I thought that was what I could make my best and most personally work about. I found it challenging making art about running but I think I did well overall, apart from some dips in work volume. I found it hard at times to balance each of the modules, but I am happier now as I understand this module better and I think poetry and painting that I’m doing now will compliment each other well.

I worked with photography and writing as my main mediums for the project. I was perhaps a little safe as I had the most experience with photography, so I could have experimented a bit more and pushed myself. I really like how I combined images with text, I think that was really strong and I did well. I definitely want to carry on with this theme but in a different way. I feel like ‘Time’ is a perfect theme for what I want to do, however next year I will move to something different.

I got some very useful feedback from people who saw my final outcomes from last semester in the notebook and in the January Show. I had one person say that they didn’t think before that running could be an act of art, but seeing my work made them think about it and realise it could be artistic. Another comment was about how I described what I felt during running in the text next to the photos – they said that they hadn’t consider how it could feel meditative and said that it was interesting to see my unique perspective and that my project was very honest and personal.

I had considered the audience a lot and how my work would look and be understood, even though it was intended for a virtual exhibition. Therefore, I am pleased that people responded to my work in the way that I wanted and that my aims came across so well. I wanted to be very honest and try and put people in my shoes of being an athlete. I think art is often about expressing a unique feeling, perspective or story, and that is what is most important – not it ‘looking arty’. 

The January Show-

I was one of the five people who organised the January Show. My main responsibility leading up to the vent was social media, publicity, writing posts about each artist and taking minutes/notes in meetings. I then helped to curate the exhibition, organise all the exhibition spaces and clear rooms, put up work, artists statements and directions. The hardest part was clearing chairs, equipment etc. out of all the rooms and then putting it all back. I learnt a lot about putting on a public show and working as a team.

I noticed this in my film making group last semester as well, is that when I’m part of a group doing something I like to organise things, take responsibility and help to achieve the best results for everyone even if it means working a bit more than other people. It was very stressful at times, like when I had to put all 4 films onto the screens and play with sound and loop with only 30 mins before the exhibition started.  I felt responsible for all the artworks and the people looking around, so I was very relieved and pleased that the exhibition went so well. 

Thinking now about the Takeover and next year about what I would do differently: Advertise the event earlier and in more places. Create better and more interactive social media content.  Have a bigger organising team. Get artists to give more detailed information about their work beforehand and help to install it. Consider having tours, maybe very small and informal, so that visitors see around the whole show and don’t miss anything. It would also be nice to have more refreshments and leaflets as we underestimated and ran out.

Week 1 workshop and tutorial-

The activity in the first session was based on our feedback on the January Show and how we could make the spring Takeover better based on that feedback. I did enjoy organising the January Show in the end, so I would like to have a key role in the Takeover planning. We also considered what sorts of people come to art events and how to get more people and from different backgrounds to come to Takeover in the Arts Centre. Things like: having good statements and explanations next to work, having the chance to chat with the artists, advertising on the radio, newspapers and with posters as well as online and making an event that is child friendly.

Much like I mentioned before, the first tutorial which was this time a mixed group one, was focused on reflecting on last semester. We talked to each other in the class, one by one, telling the person opposite what your feedback and review the semester was like. The idea was to realise that we are all struggling with similar things and that is ok and we can get better. I also set goals for this semester, for example research more broadly, keep up good quality notebooks and experiment a lot at the begging of my project.

I found the exercises very useful. I enjoyed talking to everyone, however briefly, and it was revealing to see the common themes in our feedback. The next part of the exercise was about trying to sum up in very few words, what the nature of your current project/art practice is. I did find the question quite daunting and abstract at first. I then began to realise that it is about my relationship with time/times and how I am obsessed with it as a runner. There is also the link between time and motion and escapism could be considered a key theme of my work. The task now is to do contextual research for my project about those key themes and concepts. 

Ideas for this semester-

The idea I would like to explore semester is my running in relation to the theme of ‘time’. I feel like I didn’t quite finish with the project last semester, and I want to explore it more. As I used photography last time, I would like to experiment with film and movement more. I am thinking about using a go pro on myself to film and also get someone to photograph and film me while I am running. As an athlete I am chasing times constantly and I would like to try and document that obsession and maybe have some audio clips to experiment with as well. I would like to carry on with the personal, honest and revealing style to my project. I think that will be successful with an audience, as I am considering people at the takeover in what I create now. The starting point is just document as much as I can again, with a focus on time and movement.

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  1. The show was amazing and maybe your dedication as a runner pays off in your organisational talents. Lovely blog easy to understand and read.

  2. So Samson Kambalu’s one minute or under films seem appropriate in relation to the great images Mike took of you running, really love these and the concept, also look at Martin Creeds work no. 850 – TATE Shots film. Good reflection, articulate as always.

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