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Janoš easter weeks:

My project

What I have done:

I have been editing mainly over Easter, finalising how I want my film to look and getting the sound sorted. I did a break as well in the first half of the holiday, as mentally I just needed some time off and a bit of a refresh. I found it hard having 3 weeks off though and then going back to Uni but only for a month. I was editing with iMovie as that is what I have on my MacBook and it did all I need it to do. I recorded all the sound clips I wanted to as well: some of me cooking, the radio, my dads band and a clock.

What I think:

I didn’t shoot any more videos that I put in my final cut, but I did experiment a bit more with different camera angles and styles of capturing my running. The task now really was to be discerning and pick what works and importantly what doesn’t work. I found it quite easy to standardise all my clips and find that the film was best in portrait format and used clips that were all taken by me, not with a static or moving camera next to me

What next:

I need to make a final edit now, I have made a rough cut but I need to make it a bit more streamlined and sync the audio a bit better. I am not striving for perfection as it is quite an honest and rough film, but I don’t want it to look or sound jarring. I also need to nail down the proposal form and make a good case for where I want to stage my project.

Research and context

Kai Syng Tan. 

Tan is an interdisciplinary artist and all-round researcher. She uses everyday motions like swimming, running and crawling, to make those activities creative modes of expression and artistic intervention. The work of hers reminds me a bit of IP projects, as the work is very free and conceptual. She helped to set-up a global research group which isa collaboration of artists called ‘RUN! RUN! RUN!’ of which Andrew Filmer, an experimental TFTS lecturer, is a member. The work she has done for the project is mostly practice related and explores running as a physical and poetic subject with which to express thoughts on the current world.

Like Martin Creed’s work who I have mentioned previously, is demonstration of movement as art. The difference between his project and work from Muybridge and the like, is that Kai Syng Tan is part of the art she makes, and it is more personal and self-exploratory. Whereas his is more analytical, and they take a step-back to study human movement in detail. I like how Tan is using running as a tool for making art, but the subject of the pieces is not necessarily related to running. That is where my work differs a bit, as I am using running as the whole piece really. 

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