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Week 2 ~ Kat

⁕ Sound Art – The art of listening ⁕

One-to-one tutorial ~ Monday

On Monday, I reflected on my last projects and what I wanted to do for this project. I highlighted and wrote down things I wanted to explore in more detail; even though I needed more time to think about how I could use those for this semester’s theme. Personally, I think I just need to find something that I have interest in, so I can get a grip back on art, because I haven’t been so absorbed in it as I used to be. Hopefully, I can do this in creative arts and in my painting class as well.

Group tutorial ~ Tuesday

To start off, we went round reflecting on everyone’s last projects, what they focused on, what they took from it, and what they would do differently. I forgot to find any artwork, and still struggled to find some that I liked, I didn’t really do many projects in school like everyone else did. But I did find some old photos of artwork that I did back in a-level. I’m not proud of the work I did last year so I chose to leave that out.

Oil painting of a fossil close up.
A copy of Graham Dean’s art in watercolour
on Indian watercolour paper.
I tried searching him up but I couldn’t find
the specific title of this piece.
An unfinished oil painting I did back in school.

We then had an activity where we were put into pairs. Our exercise was called ‘Connecting to your Sonic Body’ where we had to sit in a comfortable position for 15 minutes – me and my partner chose to go outside at the front of the school. This was my favourite exercise so far. It brought me more to my physical sense since I usually am shut off and disconnected from my body and my senses. Being around people makes me tense and overstimulated and I forget to ground myself and enjoy the physical world around me. It was sunny outside and the sounds of the lawn mower and birds made it seem like it was suddenly summer even though it was cold. I would like to try this again in other landscapes and soundscapes, like next to the sea or by my window.

I haven’t come across sound art before, so these activities really helped with introducing sound art and learning more about it. We also got to record a short clip of some sounds around us. I recorded some of the instruments on the table, like the metal rod and leaves. We then went outside and recorded a cat purring on the street that me and Katy found.

For this week, I went home and recorded some of the birds outside my window as they fly onto my hand and feeder for 1 minute. This was recorded in the afternoon, so there wasn’t that much activity going on as there usually is in the morning. You can hear their wings and the rain, which calms me down a lot whenever I go and feed them. (My phone microphone is so bad, it picks up static noise in the background and makes the wing sounds less distinct than they actually are, so the audio is only worth hearing with earphones on full volume.) You can also hear the motorbikes and cars passing through on the road near me.

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