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WEEK 1 (31.01.22 – 06.02.22)



Pier, I hate Pier, the shitty club, keep switching between the idyllic club and the others 


Have my favourite club night, with extra dance performances, and experimental film, be it a collage of other people’s work, what I want my club to be

PART 2: 

Do a performance about a club, and a documentary. But that keeps interrupting the normal club event. That’s less about the club experience, it’s just the art piece. In follow up to this, you’ll interview people from this deep and meaningful space that you wanna create to just asking them: “what makes a great night out for you?”. And then people can come up to the microphone, if covid possible, and say what the perfect space is for them. 

PART 3: 

Band perform Songs of a Pandemic , and other artists coming, with multimedia, but might not be time for extra multimedia

If there’s one cover I wanna do, it’s Saturday Come Slow. but maybe also last living souls song machine live rendition. 

If we perform saturday come slow, made me think of super 8 and bolex imagery of the saturday of aberystwyth, if I’m filming and rehearsing for quest of amelie, then they won’t be like that, but these past two years they’ve been a slow burn after such a hectic week 


  • The documentary, interspersed through the night, but something that could sit on its own, maybe add recordings of the night afterwards (just visuals, though need people’s consent to be filmed, maybe have filmed part, rezi filmed her performance at winter show right, but it was just herself). But the documentary can exist in itself 
  • My dream club night, and all the performance and films with it
  • Just putting extra things like the Dog
  • A performance about club culture, and how i hate basic bitch club nights
  • The birth of kelsey foreshadowed 
  • And then the band, me doing some songs, it’s a little bonus.

But this might not quite work like Lives of a Coke Can did back in December 2019, some people will walk in and out. Depends also on what the brief is, 3 or 4 hours, I would be doing stuff all 3 or 4 hours.

It would be a durational thing for the 3 hours, though if I have dancers in to add to atmosphere of club, don’t know if anyone would be up for that.

If I need something more durational, can ask ethan for some art stuff maybe. Get other people’s art in. 

I will include the Rain Again film. 

I want owen’s music in this, and some sort of performance to it, but I don’t have choreographers and dancers, well i do, but not to that extent. If I had the power. Controlling crowds by dominik, they would fit so well in here. 

But I can repeat my anti-basic bitch club performance again and again throughout. 

And then in the last 30 minutes (after a break, need a fucking break), have me and my band come in and perform, we need to do a sound check in before. Maybe the durational thing will be only 2 hours, need a break maybe. 


I discovered Jenn Kirby after watching a film she made music for by Greg Bevan from TFTS, then I went to find this track, is this the kind of music you want to hear on a night out, even the most experimental one? 

And then as i carried on listening to it, i forgot i had left the video of saturday come slow playing, and this was playing quite in background, and i realise for my perfect club night, these two tracks are meant to be played one after another, dancers suddenly come on. 

I MUST DO A CLUB NIGHT. In week 3 or 4, deffo in first third before reading week. Where? In the creative art studio, just with 15 people. Ask haydn for advice. 

Can do regular listening to music and the movements, and times when it’s being recorded, have gopros in corner, make sure people don’t tread on them. And then I come in, with gopros all over my body, record a night out.

And have lighting there?


  • What kind of lighting can the SoA & Arts Centre provide?
  • Space, biggest space, capacity cause band, can singers remove their masks, me and one or two others?
  • My idea is first half installation, and then climax with band performing which is scheduling, but you can’t have too many people watching presume.
    – the big theatre or cinema doesn’t create the gig experience, could have just the gig in theatre? Maybe band shouldn’t play, but I also want to experiment with adding stuff to a gig. I can start doing that now, if my band are OK with it, adding elements of performance (typical aber venues might not be into it)

Designing to music






  • Papa New Guineau, for some quotes it’s good 
  • Paranoid Android: some footage with the lyrics about society 
  • Boris Johnson: i didn’t realise it wasn’t a work event 

This is something that I would like to tour, could go to Edinburgh Fringe, could go through Clubs

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