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Abidish – IP5-Week 5 Lecture, experimentation and research 

Lecture: Progress on the personal project and brainstorming exercises for the workshop

In the week five like everyone else, I sheered my work in progress with others in the lecture room. I tried to express my concepts as coherently as possible for now. I said, I am working on the human body and exploring the relation between the senses and the body so I can understand the SELF a bit better. I have issues with the way we put labels, tags, and boundaries on the body and mind, and I want to see if can get read of them through my artistic process and practice. It’s a work in progress and you don’t have to agree with me, simply because it’s one perspective out of 8.1 billion of us on this planet living unique life experiences and this one is based on mine, based on my sensory processes.  

I am working with beach stones and sandpaper now alongside with my ideas of mindless sensory walks and mindless sensory sittings.  


In the second half of the class, we all got the opportunity to think about the ideas for our group project. Initially I was working in pair with Naomi, but very soon I decided to go solo. My idea was producing sound through our bodies and recording it for the later use. I was keeping in this workshop idea close to my personal project idea, so that if I got selected, I don’t need to start from the scratch in terms of research and experimentation.



Later I set up a session in the project room to practise and record myself. In my experience, when I record myself, it’s easier to see what’s happening from another perspective and reflect and improve and adjust your work if needed. 


Time-lapse video of the project room (59sec) 

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  1. Hi Abidish, good to see your posts and that you’ve caught up with the Online Notebooks. You’re clearing engaging with the module, and have a clear project idea, which is taking shape through practice. As you develop with this, be sure to define your concept and key words clearly. For example, what do you mean by self? This is a wide and complex term, and it would be good see you articulate how you are defining this, and draw on existing research into this topic. Why is your project of interest to you? Who else will be interested? Can you state the significance and context of your project. Your research into other artists and practice based research is very good. Be sure to cite your sources. Show us where you’re getting your information from. Further, relate the artists you select to your own work. For example, how exactly do Klee and Kapoor shape and inform your own thinking-making? Your visual documentation is excellent as is your practice based experimentation. Well done! As you develop your reflection on your practice and research, be sure to articulate the strengths and areas for development / change in your practice. You might also reflect on what worked well in class, and things that could be done differently. Moving forwards, think about including a time line, so you’re working to a production plan. I’m also very curious as to what the final output will be. Do you know yet? Looking forward to seeing week 6 post next week. Well done and keep up the good work!

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