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I_P_6 – week three

There is no tree, nor spoon, in this span of days.

I continue to explore and experiment and plan my ascent of the mountain that is called Year 3 semester 2. 51 hours a day should just about do it. Some minutes were spent on exploring my address melodies. My home contains many different atmospheres and ambiences and I’m working on presenting the melodies in different ways, using different styles and approaches… from Erik Satie to Atari Teenage Riot to Steve Reich to John Cage to Pierre Schaeffer to John Zorn and “to infinity and beyond”.

The long section from bar 12 is made up of repetitions of the phrases/melodies dictated by the number of notes in the parts of my address… nine notes repeated nine times, five notes repeated five times, etc.

We were given a guided tour of the Arts Centre this week, in preparation for the TAKEOVER.

I didn’t identify the perfect location for my work for the TAKEOVER, but it’s quite a photogenic environment.

Lecture #2 responses

Research task

I chose to research Charlotte Brisland and her “After the Apocalypse” series. A new appointee to the SoA staff, a painter and beyond that I knew next to nothing. Charlotte’s paintings have been exhibited in London, Japan, Europe and New York. Her paintings often include a building or dwelling that is placed in an empty landscape, full of silence and stillness.

Her paintings address subjects around isolation and displacement, separation and beauty, and “focus on the uncanny and place, somewhere familiar within light, shadow and colour.”

Do I like her work? They are really atmospheric and have a sense of emptiness and loss… but, maybe that’s just me. I encountered the concept of “uncanny/unheimlich” courtesy of Harry Heuser. I quite like the feeling when presented with this idea of something familiar coupled with a particular element of unsettling unfamiliarity.

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