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I_P_6 – week seven

The week begins with my tutorial with Miranda which helped me remove some of the fuzzy logic I was drowning in and gave me a clearer path forward. My ideas were tangled and our conversation assisted in the unraveling of the different threads of my ideas and intentions.

The following day saw another tutorial with Miranda for a different purpose. Again it helped me to organise, separate and solidify my projects for the graduate exhibition and the Takeover.

I’ve been working on my group project proposal to prepare a presentation for Thursday. Here we go again… the balance between being proscriptive and allowing spontaneity can be tricky. But, after all is said and done, a group project/workshop is all about the participants and their outcomes.

The project proposes a game of musical chairs, combing Gurdjieff movements and a Pina Bausch-like choreography workshop, using ritual activity to facilitate a displacement of self in the service of self… all without the rampant narcissism that is so prevalent at this time in history.

No votes and a huge sigh of relief for me. Instead, the winning group project is some actor-y stuff with a largely incoherent brief. Oh… not more therapy!

I was challenged with equipment failure this week, during work on a song with the theme of home. Goodbye FireWire, hello USB. The failure of my computer system did enable me to practice and develop the song further, so that’s a positive outcome, unlike having to sink £’s into another piece of technology.

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