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I_P_6 – week one

The theme for this semester is home. A multi-faceted, multi layered sandwich of experience and examination. No reflection to begin with this time, I go straight to experimentation. We were given the theme before the starting gun sounded and I began with associations and random thoughts of what HOME might be.

Home expands outwards from the heart… to a body, to a room, to a house, to a street, to a town, to a county, to a country, to a continent, to a hemisphere, to a planet, to a solar system, to a galaxy, to beyond and back again.

My practice began with photographing my home and recording the sounds that occur inside and outside my home. I’m uncertain what my project might eventually be… a guided tour of my home? A soundscape of domestic bliss? A photographic diary via the Nth dimension?

I seem to have a number of different projects developing in this first week of “HOME”, mostly as a response to Miranda’s feedback to get involved in playing, making, doing, etc:

  • Poetry and prose
  • Songs and music
  • “The Climate Change Game”
  • Research Trees
  • A continuation of my explorations and recordings of EMF
  • Field recordings from “around the home”
  • Photographic records from “around the home”
  • The further development of my “the sounds behind the silence” installation from last semester
  • The early stages of my personal project for this module
  • The early stages of my graduate show exhibit

Let the plate spinning begin!

Research Tree #1

The root for this tree is the German artist Peter Vogel. He was an astonishing creator of intricate, beautiful and innovative works that employ sound and interaction, often within a sculptural form. One of my favourites is his “Sound Wall” which is a circuit sculpture made from electronic components, light sensors and loudspeakers. The sculpture responds to shadow and can be played like a musical instrument. There’s a great video of Vogel demonstrating his work here:

The Interactive Sound Art of Peter Vogel – Make Magazine

Vogel Exhibition site:

The branches of this tree reflect sound, circuitry, physical objects and a whole lot of inventive brilliance. I found it to be a fruitful journey and many of the leaves still impact on my senses.

“HOME” music

I have started developing a musical piece which is based on creating melodies using my home address. I used a seven note scale and extracted these pitches from the words, where the letters match with musical notes: bc e ead ee abe ceedg ae.

These will become the first melody. I will develop this idea further in the weeks to come, building a piece that combines melody and EMF sounds related to my home… ahh, that sounds like an I_P project!

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