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I_P_6 – week five

I began the week with an immersion in music composition. I enjoy the writing and editing process, it allows me to forget and focus, to ignore and concentrate. I move with my ears, are my ears my home? I am fine tuned to the noises of my home and the noises I create within it.

(failed) Haiku

Boy in a bubble

gets a needle for Christmas


I recorded a view from my home alongside my “address melody” idea, which left me in a particularly melancholy mood… the outside world is washed away again and all that is left is he who hears.

On an entirely different day…

In other news…

Mrs Beckham has been researching the history of our house recently and found a newspaper report from the Aberystwyth Observer and Merionethshire News, dated 14th July 1888, about a fire in the house which was professionally dealt with by the newly formed Aberystwyth Fire Brigade. Fortunately the furniture was insured and no one was harmed in the incident. I suspect that the attic rooms were added to the structure when the roof was repaired… I spend a lot of my time there, along with 100 year old spiders and the ghosts of forgotten memories.

War consumes my attention… I think I should give up the news for Lent… better that, than giving up chocolate!

Workshop brainstorming.

I began with displacement – Miranda’s gift of the day, along with more black paper and white chalk (black pepper and white salt). Displacement of self in the service of freedom from self was my staring point… and an enjoyment of using chalk to write and draw. If we were to walk backwards, read upside down, use our non-dominant limbs, operate from the end to the start…. could that premise avoid litigation and develop into an interesting group project? An alternative revealed itself in discussion… Les Chaises Musicales, Y Cadeiriau Cerddorol. Roll up, roll up! Place a bet before the wheel spins!

I took the little melody I extrapolated during the session – D A C E D A A C E and began writing a piece of music to go with the musical chairs idea… a hypnotic swirl with a sprinkling of Reich and Glass.

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