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I_P_6 – Easter break

No rest for the wicked, as they say. I’m writing and writing and writing many different things at once now. Proposal forms, statements, essays, blogs, presentations, reviews, music, soundscapes… hopefully, they won’t all be the same. And I hope nothing slips through the net into the forgotten territory of forgetfulness.

I finally managed to complete my song for the semester.

home on the coast – Tim Beckham ©2022

I’ve also been working on my proposal for the TAKEOVER exhibition at the Arts Centre… and getting used to walking up that hill. Explaining the concept, that expands of convolutes with every tutorial has been a challenge. Simplicity is always the key, but fulfilling criteria has to be incorporated. I settled on the title: home from home. Being a site specific exhibition requires that I modify my original project parameters to include the Arts Centre as a home from home… location, location, location.

Here’s a view of the first selection of recordings l made at the Arts Centre.

Subsequently I returned to the Arts Centre over the Easter weekend and made more recordings. A more successful commando raid on the sweet spots.


  1. The Eye
  2. Ceramics gallery
  3. Corridor to Studios
  4. Shop windows
  5. Lift
  6. Rear entrance – Fire Alarm box 1
  7. Fire Alarm box 2
  8. Cafe
  9. Arch – between Gallery 2 and Bar
  10. Bar Corridor to Exit


I finished my ten audio pieces (which include EMF recordings and music created from the Arts Centre address) today and created ten new posts which enabled me to generate ten QR codes to be used in my TAKEOVER project. I’ve also completed ten posters and the handout leaflet. So, the next step is to secretly set up my installation in the Arts Centre and obtain evidence for the project proposal form.

Audio pieces

(Location – recording & music piece – instrument(s) – style)

  1. The Eye – EMF#89 & address #4 – Retro synth – lyrical, individual letters
  2. Ceramics Gallery – EMF#88 & address #8 – Echo piano – atmospheric, individual letters
  3. Studio corridor – EMF#86 & address #6 – Piano/Bassoon – rhythmic syllable clusters
  4. Shop windows – EMF#85 & address #2 – Violin/Flute – distant, individual letters
  5. Alarm box 2 – EMF#84 & address #7 – Piano/Bassoon – rhythmic, cluster repeats, syllables
  6. Alarm box 1 – EMF#83 & address #10 – Piano/Steel drum – slow clusters, syllables
  7. Cafe – EMF#82 & address #3 – Piano/Synth – melodic, individual letters
  8. Lift – EMF#81 & address #9 – Tinklebells – lyrical, individual letters
  9. Arch – EMF#80 & address #1 – Piano/Violin – lyrical, individual letters
  10. Alarm box 3 – EMF#79 & address #11 – Marimba – rhythmic, repeated syllables

I am undecided as to whether to include some background information on the ten home from home posts or just leave them with the audio file that people can play and listen to…


Secret installation

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