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I_P_5 – Week 9

Another week, another doughnut! It is group project time and nonsense is the key. More art therapy and a missed opportunity to fully engage with the activities. I play a part, of participant, but I repeatedly come to the realisation that collaborative works often result in the weakest manifestation of an idea. It takes me to an oft-visited place where dilution causes only mud.

My project hits more walls and resembles a car crash with me in the role of crash test dummy. I become lost again and flounder in the tornado of my inner thoughts. I feel I have to wait for my project to fall into place in my mind before I can do much more than just panic.

I did mange to finish my version of the well known song that I mentioned in week 7… I was inspired by the Dadaists, Kurt Schwitters and Hugo Ball, to improvise a vocal part and I incorporated various EMF sounds. Success! But it is a stark warning of the implications of over-exposure to Electromagnetic radiation. Be warned, be afraid. It could happen to you!

Gniklaw rof stoob – Tim Beckham (2021) / Lee Hazlewood (1965)

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