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I_P_5 – Week 7

Group project proposal time.

In my research and exploration of null island I found a thread which saved me from drowning. The thread revealed a confluence of two worlds, the natural sounds of the sea and man-made sounds of the Atlas Buoy’s transmitting equipment. I created a simulation, as an experiment. No waves were harmed in the production of the piece.

null island seascape

I also began working on a version of “These boots were made for walking” by Nancy Sinatra. I’d been rehearsing the song over the past few weeks for a gig with my band, so it was at the forefront of my mind and fingers. Another version by “Parquet Courts” was also included in Miranda’s playlist. I plan to incorporate various EMF recordings I’ve made over the past couple of weeks.

More inspiration came in the form of a trip to the estate agent on null island. They had a selection of dwellings, but all were out of my price range.

I eventually tightened my concept for the group workshop and focused on an EMF show and tell sound walk. I think it could have been an engaging, informative, experiential and inspiring group workshop.

I was relieved to have not been chosen for actuation and look forward to experiencing the chosen group workshop purely as a participant.

In between worlds, I worked on my research project presentation. I’d been gifted the word “nonsense” to use as a foundation for my research, to link with the subject of Charly’s group project, which is something to do with potato print words & poetry & artistic response…

I was moved to use “URSONATE” by Kurt Schwitters as the “project” to research and present. I enjoyed delving into the backstory, having first become aware of it through Brian Eno’s work. I love Schwitter’s Merzbau installations and his use of sound and Dadaist poetry. The process has helped me to engage in the idea of next week’s workshop with anticipation, rather than trepidation!

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