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I_P_5 – Week 6

I am lost… 

Rwy’n ar goll

Je suis perdu

Ich bin verloren

ana dayie

estoy perdido

… lost on my journey. I see no path, I lost sight of my goal. It was so clear at the start, but now…

My potato lies forgotten

My experiments have stalled

My research is overwhelming

I feel the weight of expectations

Blurred with no focus, I peer into the greyness of the sky and a bird flies by, free of all but the most basic instincts

Where is the thread, Ariadne? 

Where is the purpose?

I’m walking the labyrinth of shadows, blind in penumbra

the only sound my anxious breath and racing heart, as my footsteps bring me back to the start of it all… my journey

I am experiencing technical difficulties, broken equipment, supply chain problems, reduction of ambition

I am lost…

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